Tal-Ħandaq Nostalgia

Memories of the Royal Naval School, Malta, 1947 - 1978.


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Dates at Tal Handaq or in Malta Tal Handaq 1965-1968 Malta 1960-1968
Location (now) Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Occupation Earth Scientist , Entrepreneur
Biography/Interests/Remarks Wrong Category..Here goes:Steve Singleton; he gave up teaching me Art which was a good thing, since I was useless. However, I got to do homework instead during his class.
Mr Jackson; finally recognized my latent history talents.
Mr Ratcliffe; Despite being useless at Latin , I am to his day grateful for what little I did learn.
Actually the whole staff left a very positive influence on me, I can honestly say they were the best bunch of Teachers I had during my school years.
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07/30/18 at 05:21"Ratty" Ratcliffe, sure had an impression on me despite being hopeless in Latin, the vocabulary learnt during endless readings of Caesar's Gallic wars, helped me later on in life understanding obscure latin base words. Thanks !