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The School is very grateful to all those who have contributed to the production of this Magazine. Such a valuable record of the main events of School life will be read with pleasure, both now and in the future.

Although we ceased to be "The Royal Naval School, Tal-Handaq last April and are now "The Services Secondary School, Tal-Handaq", this has been a change in name only. It is the result of a reorganisation of all Services Childrens Schools overseas under the central direction of a new Service Childrens Education Authority within the Ministry of Defence. Locally in Malta, all Services Schools are now administered by the Royal Navy, We are already feeling the benefits of the new Central Organisation, as our supplies of books and equipment for the forthcoming School year are already arriving in Malta.

Shortly after this change, we were very sorry to say goodbye to the Flag Officer Malta, Rear Admiral D.L. Davenport, C.B., O.B.E., who has been the Competent Authority for this School for this School for the last two years. Both he and Mrs Davenport have taken a very keen interest in the School and we are very grateful to them, and to the other Heads of Services, for their support in our activities.

We also bid farewell at the end of this term to many of our senior members of Staff, who have contributed so much to the development of this School. Among these we shall especially remember the Senior Mistress, Miss ]. Yule, who has given outstanding service to Tal-Handaq for the last twenty years.

As a result of the rundown of the Forces in Malta, the School will be smaller next year, but I have no doubt that the high reputation of Tal-Handaq School will be continued in the future.

(H.C. Malkin) Headmaster




                                          Foreword                                                    1.

                                          Staff List                                                     4.

                                          Headmaster's Report                                6.

                                          C.S.E. Results Summer 1968                  10.

                                          Pitman's Typewriting Results               13.

                                        G.C.E. Results 'A' Level. Summer 1968  13.

                                        G.C.E. Results '0' Level. Summer 1968   15.

                                        G.C.E. Results '0' Level. Autumn 1968   19.

                                        Drama                                                            21.

                                        S.S. Uganda Cruise                                     22.

                                        Duke of Edinburgh's Award Scheme     23.

                                        Cyprus Youth Leadership Course           24.

                                        Guides                                                           26.

                                        Fashion Show                                              27.

                                       Old Pupil's Page                                           27.

                                       Debating                                                         28.

                                      The National Exhibition of Children's Art 30.

                                       Literary Suppliment (sic)                               35.

                                       House Reports                                                 57.

                                       Games Report                                                  67


                                               Staff    1968 -1969

Instructor Captain H.C. Malkin M.A.  (Headmaster)

Mr. W.M. Alexander M.A.

Mr. C.W. Barraclough B.Sc. F.R.G.S.

Mrs. C.W. Barraclough

Mr. E. Battye

Instructor Lt. Cdr. D.K. Butler B.Sc

Mr. I.C. Campbell B. Mus.

Mr. C. Charlton

Miss M.S. Clegg A.T.D.

Mr. R.E. Collins C &G

Mr. D.D. Davies B. Sc. M.I. Biol.

Mr. R.A. Dickerson A.T D.

Mrs. E.A. Dowdall B.A.

Mr. A.F. Gallacher M.A.

Mr. L. Garvey B. Sc. A. Inst. P.

Mr. H.M. Griffiths

Mrs. H.J. Harland

Mr. H.W. Harris B.A.

Mrs. J.P. Harris B.A. Cert. Ed.

Miss C.M. Head.

Miss M.M. Heaney.

Mr. H.T. Hitcbcott B.Sc. A R.I.C.

Mrs. V.E. Hitchcott B.A.

Miss A.M. Howling F.F.T. Comm.F.S.C.T.

Instuctor Commander E. Humphreys B.Sc

 Mr. B.S. Jackson B.A.

Mr. F.G. Kitson.

Mr. E.J. Lewis


Mr. D.K. Martin

Mrs. W.E. McClure.

Miss B.J. Mercer M.A.

Mr. T.E. Moore A.M.I.E.E.

Mr. T.S. Moyle Dip. Bib. Rel

Mr. P. Parker.

Mrs. P. Perkins.

Mr. A.C. Quinn M.A. M.Sc

Mr. R.A.M. Ransom.

Mr. J.P. Ratcliffe B.A.

Mr. T.N. Ricketts.

Mr. M.J. Roberts.

Mrs. R.A. Roberts.

Mrs. J.D. Roddan. B.A.

Miss D.M. Saunter A.G.S.M

Miss J.A. Simpson.

Mr. S. Singleton. B.A.

Mrs. C.G. Singleton B.A.

Mr. R.C. Tatton D.L.C.

Mr. R.E. Tomlinson.

Miss F.M. Turner.

Mrs. M.M.T. Wapensky B.A.

Mr. R.M. Ward A.T.D.

Mr. M.G. Wayte D.L.C.

Instructor Lt. Cdr. M. Whyte BSc

Miss M.P. Williams.

Miss J. Yule B.A.




                                            Editor   Mrs. P. Perkins.

                                            Literary Editor  Mrs. J P. Harris.

                                           Art Editors   Mr. S. Singleton, Mr. R.M Ward.

                                          Advertising Manager   Mrs. C.G. Singleton.


Prize Day was held on 31st October 1968 when Rear Admiral D.L. Davenport C.B. O.B.E. took the chair. The prizes were presented by His Excellency the British High Commissioner Sir Geoffrey Tory and the American Ambassador His Excellency Hugh Smythe was one of the official guests  



PRIZE DAY - 31st OCTOBER- 1968

Mr. Chairman, Your Excellencies, Ladies and Gentlemen.

This year we are again holding our Annual Prize Day fairly early in the term and we are very grateful to you, Your Excellency, for being present today and having accepted the important task of livening up the proceedings after the Headmaster has sent everybody to sleep with his annual report. We are also very glad that you, Sir, have been able to take the Chair again and that Mrs. Davenport has come with you, for we are very grateful for the constant interest taken by you and your staff in Service Childrens' School:" in Malta.

It is also a great pleasure to have with us His Excellency the American Ambassador. As we now have over 100 non-entitled fee paying children at this School, mainly American, an increase of 30 over last year, we are especially grateful that His Excellency has been able to be with us to learn how they are getting on.

We started last School Year with 850 pupils and we now have a total of 760. This is the fall in numbers expected as a result of the rundown of the Forces and we have about 30 less pupils from each of the three Services, Navy, Army and Royal Air Force than we had this time last year. The numbers of children from Civilian families and those of the Ministry of Public Buildings and Works are about the same; and, as I have mentioned, the numbers of "non-entitled" children have increased. So the School continues to be a very good example of inter Service and indeed international co-operation and all the children learn a great deal from one another.

The main differences between the system of education in the United States and Britain is that in the States children progress from one grade to another, whereas in Britain they move on in years. In itself this creates no problem, but an important difference is that in the States subjects are studied in a series of courses, whereas in British Schools a certain amount of every subject is covered every year. So, if an American child has done the course in a particular subject, he or she has reached the same or probably a higher level than a British child of the same age; whereas, if the course has not been done, this child will be working with British children who have already some background knowledge of the subject. This means that it is rather more difficult to provide a suitable curriculum for the older Americans who wish to achieve higher grades. At the same time, the subjects taken in Schools in the States are about the same as in Britain and we have been fortunate this term in having the services of an American teacher on the Staff who is giving us all some very valuable and new ideas. I am sorry that there are not more American prizewinners, but I am sure that this is only because they have not been here for very long.

Last year we had an especially strong Sixth Form of over 70 and I am very glad to say that our examination results at the Advanced level of the General Certificate of Education of the Oxford Board were the best for some years and a notable improvement over those achieved in the Summer of 1967. There were 50 'A' level candidates, an increase of 18 over the previous year and they achieved 80 subject passes in comparison with 58 in the previous year. Not only, however, did many pass in these subjects, but the quality of their passes were generally good. 'A' level passes are graded from A to E and, although we had no pupil who achieved Grade A in these subjects, there were several who were very near to it. I am glad to say that 11 of last year's Sixth Form are now at the University, and others have gone on to Colleges of Advanced Technology and Colleges of Education.

This year, however, the Sixth Form is considerably smaller and, although some good individual results should be achieved, it is not expected that we shall again have the number of 'A' level candidates as last year. This trend was marked in our numbers sitting for the G.C E. Ordinary level papers, where our results were average only. Several individual candidates did very well, but the performance of some was disappointing. Rather more effort in their studies would have improved the results in some cases and, of course, the two years course leading up to '0' level is of vital importance for the child's future and I hope that parents will impress this on their children. At '0' level there were 356 subject passes, almost 80 less than in 1967, although 339 grades were achieved in the Certificate of Secondary Education. This latter examination, which we have been steadily developing for the last three years, is rather less academic than the G.C.E. '0' level but it is a valuable qualification, especially for those of more practical ability. A Grade I pass in the G.C.E. is equivalent to a pass in G.C.E. '0' level and 32 Grade 1 passes were obtained. To some extent this, of course, means that they were really '0' level rather than C.S.E. candidates and, in some subjects the syllabus is rather different. We have, however, done our best to give the candidates the best of both worlds and in a number of cases, pupils were entered for both examinations to make doubly sure that they had a proper qualification on leaving School. Similarly those taking Commercial subjects were entered both for the G.C.E. and for the Pitmans Shorthand and Typing examinations, in both of which they achieved the same quite good results as last year, there being 59 successful candidates, an increase of 1 over last year.

Having spoken at some length about examinations, I should like to say how grateful we are for all the administrative help we receive in their organisation from the Director of Education for Malta; and we are especially glad that he and Mrs. Gatt are able to be with us today.

Although examinations are important, I hope that you will not get the impression that they are the be all and end all of life at this School. There are a large number of extra curricular activities which are very important and most of them are very well supported. In particular, the pupils have many sporting activities in which they can take part. There have been clubs and activities taking place each lunchtime and evening, in addition to the normal curricular sports.

  • The achievements of the school teams and individuals have been especially good. In particular we have a fine senior soccer XI who finished third in the Joint Services League Division II, losing only 9 of their 28 games. This Soccer XI of last year is passing on its traditions of good teamwork to their successors this year. The Rugby XV also did well against some strong Forces sides.

  • The girls hockey side again finished undefeated (except for the 6 a sides) at the end of a successful season, and our tennis team finished runners-up in the Malta Ladies League Division II. Although the girls were extremely keen, they did not manage to achieve such a high standard of success at netball, but we hope this will be rectified this year.

  • Our Cross Country and Athletic teams were, again, strong. The best performance of the Cross Country team was finishing 2nd to the R.A.F. in the Malta National Championships. In Athletics we had some outstanding performances. We had 13 1st places in the Malta Schools Championships, being placed in the first 3 in all 30 events except 4.

  • Once again our boys also did well at cricket, finishing runners up in the Royal Navy League. These results stand comparison with those of any School and I have no doubt that a tradition of good sportsmanship will be continued.

  • Inter-house Matches took place in 10 sports this year with new competitions arranged in Outward Bounding, Badminton, Basketball and Table-tennis Other interesting club activities included Judo, Trampling, Gymnastics, Volleyball, and that hard working session for boys, Circuit Training. Sailing has also been very popular and we are very grateful to the Commodore for the loan of the St. Angelo sailing dinghies. This year we shall also have to consider seriously what we can do in Baseball.

  • Not all, however, can excel at sport and many of you will have enjoyed our traditional Gilbert and Sullivan production of Patience last Christmas. This year we shall be doing our Annual musical production at Easter, as our Dramatic Society has been especially ambitious this year. At Easter, Shakespeare's Macbeth was successfully produced in this Hall; and at Christmas they will be attempting a production very much in the modern idiom The Caucasian Chalk Circle by Bertold Brecht. This should be very interesting and enjoyable and I hasten to say that it must be good stuff, as it is a set book for the Certificate of Secondary Education.

  • The Science and Literary and Debating Societies have also flourished, while keen enthusiasm for the Duke of Edinburgh's Award Scheme has continued. I am very glad to say that three boys of this School gained Gold Awards, which were presented to them by H.R.H. The Duke of Edinburgh during the Royal visit to Malta.

  • This Scheme, as you know, is designed to develop initiative and leadership among young people. We sometimes feel today that young people need to develop their qualities rather more and I would therefore like to mention one activity, not directly connected with the School, which the Senior Students organise themselves. I know that this activity sometimes gives some parents cause for concern; and the more parents are concerned about their children the better this is a Youth Club called The Pit, which is run by a Committee of the Seniors and organises regular and very popular dances. In Malta we are very lucky that people of all ages set a high example of good conduct and behaviour, but obviously with the large and increasing number of visitors some undesirable activities for young people are bound to flourish. It is therefore very important that the young should have a social outlet and I well remember that there were a few very undesirable ones before the days of the Pit. So, although difficulties with a large and flourishing club of this kind are bound to happen not always the fault of the organisers who have laid down very strict rules and parents are quite right to take a keen and watchful interest, on the whole I think we feel that the Pit is a good thing. Certainly the Seniors have shown a lot of initiative, hard work and ability in its organisation. We are all grateful to Commander Malloy for his kindly oversight of this Club.

    I am sure that all will understand that this School relies greatly on the support of many authorities in Malta and I would like to say how grateful we are for their unfailing interest. This is not a purpose built School, but the excellent maintenance provided by the Ministry of Public Buildings and Works keeps the buildings at a high standard. This year the changing rooms have been improved and hot showers installed. We are not, of course, expecting further major additions to the building, in view of the rundown, but we are very grateful for the constant repair work which large numbers of children seem to make necessary. A number of minor, but very important improvements have been recommended in the Annual Hygiene inspection report and the help given us by the Royal Naval Hospital is of great value to us. In addition to the regular visits of the Medical officers, several children have been helped by the Speech Therapist. We are now hoping to give special help to a very small number of children suffering from dislexia or word blindness; a crippling handicap which prevents them from learning to read in the usual way.

    Finally I should like to say a word of thanks to Staff and parents. Many experienced members of staff left last summer and others will be leaving the School at the end of this year. I should like to thank them for the great contribution they have made to the life and reputation of the School and I am sure that their successors will carry on the tradition they have set. One of the features of this School is the close co-operation and understanding between Staff and parents.




    Certificate of



    Southern Regional Examination Board Summer 1968

    Certificates were awarded as follows:


    Ingrid ANCLIFFE   History, Mathematics, Human Biology. Tina ANDREWS History, Typewriting.  Christine ASHCROFT Commerce, Typewriting.   Janet BAKER Typewriting.  Christine BEVERIDGE Mathematics.  Jacqueline BEYNON Mathematics, French, Human Biology.  Patricia BIRCH Typewriting.  Donna BIRCHFIELD Mathematics, Typewriting.  Yvonne BLAKE English, History, Mathematics.  Shirley BOOBYER History, Mathematics, Typewriting.  Felicity BROOKE Geography, Mathematics, Human Biology.  Roseann BRYANT History, Mathematics, Commerce, Human Biology.  Karen BURGESS Geography, Needlework.  Heather COGGESHALL Mathematics. Typewriting. Commerce.  Joan CULBERT English, Commerce, Typwriting. French.  Susan CURLISS Typewriting.  Mary CURLIS Commerce.  Linda DAY English, Mathematics, Typwriting, Human Biology.' Susan DODSON French.   Valerie DUNCAN Mathematics, French.  Patricia DURANCE  History, Mathematics, Commerce.  Carol EYEIONS  Mathematics, German, French. Sherryl FLATBUSH. . Mathematics. Geraldine FLEMING Mathematics, Human Biology.   Diedre FLETCHER Mathematics.  Julia GARDNER English, Mathematics.  Drusilla GARRIOCK  Typewriting.  Elisabeth GIBSON English, History Mathematics, Commerce, Typewriting, Human Biology. Peggy GRAY Mathematics, Typewriting, Human Biology.  Marion GREEN   Mathematics, German, French, Typewriting.

    Jane HIRST English, Geography, Mathematics, Typewriting Human Biology.  Gillian KELLY  Typewriting.    Carol LINSELL English, Mathematics, Needlework, Typewriting.  Patricia LONGLAND  Mathematics, Needlework, German.  Lynda LONGMIRE English, Needlework.  Pauline MACDONALD History, Mathematics, Typewriting, Human Biology. Linda MAHONEY Mathematics, Commerce, Typewriting, Shorthand.  Lorraine MARTIN History, Mathematics, Typewriting.  Priscilla MAULDEN History.  Gail MILES English, History, Mathematics, Typewriting, Shorthand.  Evelyn MORGAN  French.   Karen PARKIN Mathematics, Typewriting. Sara PAULGER Mathematics, French, Physics.  Susan PEYTON Mathematics, French.    Helen PLATFORD Geography, Mathematics, Typewriting.      Lynda POWELL  English. Christine RAINE English History, Human Biology. Rosalind REES Mathematics, French.  Margaret ROBINSON Typewriting. Adria ROSSER Mathematics, French. Susan ROUTLEDGE  Geography, Mathematics, Typewriting, Human Biology.  Adrienne ROWLAND German. Jane SAVAGE Mathematics, Typewriting.  Rosalind SAWYER English, Geography.   Linda SHERWOOD Typewriting, Human Biology.  Roberta SHOULS  French. CarolynSMALLPAGEEnglish, Mathematics. Christine SMOKER English, Geography, Mathematics, Typewriting, Human Biology. Elizabeth STEWART English, History, French, Human Biology.    Constance TWISS English, Mathematics, French, Human Biology.  Mary VAUGHAN-JONES Mathematics, German, French. Susan WILLEY History. Mathematics.



    Roy ALDWORTH Technical Drawing.   David ARCHER History, Physics.  Robin BAILEY Mathematics, Commerce  Philip BAKER  Mathematics, Metalwork.   Dennis BAILEY   Woodwork, History, Mathematics, Commerce  Edgar BOYD  Metalwork, Physics.                 Stephen BREWSTER   Mathematics   Ian BRIGGS  French.   David CONWAY Commerce. Stephen CROOME  English, Mathematics, French.  Michael DAVIS English, History, Mathematics, Metalwork, Technical Drawing. Christopher DIXON Physics Technical Drawing, Metalwork, Physics.Terence DOUBLEDAY Geography, French ,Physics.  Daniel DRAKE Woodwork, History.David FLETCHER English, Woodwork, Mathematics, Physics.   Kevin FRANKS English, Geography, Woodwork, Mathematics, Technical Drawing, Metalwork, Physics .Stephen GIBBINS Metalwork, Physics.  Derek GUYMER Mathematics.David HARRISON English, History, Mathematics, Physics, Religious Knowledge Mervyn HAYWARD  English, History, Mathematics.Philip HOUGHTON English, Geography, Mathematics, Metalwork, Technical Drawing.  Stephen HURST Woodwork, Mathematics, Technical Drawing, Metalwork, Physics. George HYNES  English, Geography, Mathematics, Technical Drawing, Metalwork, Physics.  Michael JONES French, Physics. Peter KASLIK Woodwork. Michael LEIGH History, Mathematics, Commerce. James MACKAY Geography, Mathematics, Technical Drawing, Metalwork. Richard MARSHALL English, History, Mathematics, Technical Drawing.Bernard MARSHALL Mathematics, Typewriting, Commerce. John MATTINGLEY French. Robert NEVILL English, Mathematics. James O'BRIEN English, Geography, Mathematics, Physics. Robert OSBORNE History, Physics. John PEARSON German.  Evan POTTS Technical Drawing. Martin POWELL Woodwork. Barry PRAGNELL Technical Drawing, Metalwork.  Christopher REES Woodwork, History, Mathematics, Technical Drawing. John RODDY English, History, Mathematics, Technical Drawing, Metalwork, Physics. Robert ROSS Woodwork, French. Philip SMITH Commerce. Sydney SMITH Mathematics, Commerce. Edwin THOMPSON Technical Drawing, Metalwork. Robert TUE History. Peter TUE English, History, Mathematics, Technical Drawing, Metalwork, Physics. Mervyn WAGSTAFFE History, Mathematics, Commerce. Peter WARD Mathematics, Commerce. Johann WILLMAN Woodwork, Technical Drawing, French.  Kenneth WILSON Woodwork. Christopher WISBEY  English, Geography, Mathematics, Technical Drawing, Metalwork, Physics. Philip WOODCOCK  ? (misprint in magazine). Adrian WORLEY English, History, Mathematics,Technical Drawing. Robert YOUDELL English, Geography, Mathematics, Technical Drawing.



    Pitman Typewriting Examination


    First Class Passes:




    ELEMENTARY Passes:






    Advanced Level - Oxford ~~ Summer, 1968

    PATTY ANDREWS Art.  CHRISTINE BAILEY Art.  PHILIP BAKER Art. CORINNE BEVAN Art. PATRICIA BIRCH Needlework. Cookery SUSAN BOYD Art.      BRIAN GARY Physics, Chemistry, Biology. WENDY COUPE Chemistry, Biology, Music. KAREN GROOME English Literature Italian              .JUDITH CROSS Geography, PATRICIA CUTLER Art. CAROL DRANE Art.   LINDA ELSON Mathematics, Physics (with Distinction on paper 'S') Chemistry (with Distinction on 'S' paper) ROBERT GALE English Literature, British Constitution. DRUSCILLA GARRIOCK Art. GAYNOR HAMLEY  Physics, Chemistry, Biology. MARTIN HOLMAN  British Constitution, Geography (with Merit on S" paper), Art.   ELIZABETH JAMESON English Literature, French, German. SUSAN KITSON Art. TOM MATTINGLEY English Literature, German, Latin. MONICA MAZURE English Literature.  NORMAN MORGAN Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry (with Distinction on 'S' paper). JENNIFER PERKINS English Literature, British Constitution, Geography. CAROLE PIKE Art. SALLY RATHMELL English Literature, Geography .CLIFFORD REEVES Mathematics, Physics.    PETER ROSS Mathematics, Physics, Geography (with Merit on 'S' paper) MARGARET SHOULS English Literature, History. ALEXANDER SIDDALL English Literature, French. JOHN SMITH English Literature, History, British Constitution. CHRISTOPHER STEPHENS Mathematics, Economics, Geography .JANET STEPHENS Art .MARY VAUGHAN-JONES Art. MICHAEL VINGOE Physics, Chemistry, Zoology. ALISTAIR WILDE History, British Constitution, Geography .SUSAN WILLEY Art. RUSSELL WINTERBORNE English Literature, British Constitution.  GILLIAN WITHERSPOON French, Latin, History (with Distinction on 'S' paper)





                                                       Ordinary Level ~~ Oxford ~Summer, 1968.

    ROY   ALDWORTH Mathematics, Art.
    TINA ANDREWS English Literature, Mathematics.
    DAVID   ARCHER Geography, Mathematics.
    ROSEMARY  ARDEN English Literature, Latin, French, Mathematics, Biology History.
    CHRISTINE   ASHCROFT English Literature.
    CHRISTINE  BAILEY English Literature
    ROBIN  BAILEY English Language, English Literature, History.
    JANET BAKER French.
    PHILIP BAKER Engineering Drawing.

    English Language, English Literature, French, Mathematics,   Engineering   Drawing,   History, Commerce.



    JACQUELINE   BEYNON English Language,Needlework.
    EDGAR BOYD English Literature, Geography, Metalwork.
    SUSAN BOYD Engineering Drawing.
    IAN BRIGGS Geology.

    English Language, Geography, History, Mathematics, Physics

    MAUREEN CARBERRY Cookery, Commerce.
    JEANETTE   CHRISTISON English Language, English Literature, Latin, French, Geography, Mathematics, Physics, Cookery


    English Literature, Latin, French, Cookery, Art, History.

    English Literature,   French,   Geography,  Commerce, Art.

    ROSEMARY CRAWFORD English Literature, Latin, French.
    STEPHEN CROOME Religious Knowledge, Geography, Biology, Pottery.
    GEOFFREY CUNNINGHAM English Literature, Latin, French, Geography, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Pottery.
    MARY CURLIS English Literature, French, Geography, Mathematics, Biology, Commerce.
    MICHAEL DAVIS Metalwork
    KEITH DICKERSON English Literature. Latin, French, Geography, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry. Art.
    CHRISTOPHER DIXON Religious Knowledge, Geography, Mathematic, Metalwork, Engineering Drawing.
    SUSAN DODSON English Literature, Mathematics, Biology, Human Biology, Cookery.
    TERENCE DOUBLEDAY English Literature, Religious Knowledge,
    CAROL DRANE Biology, Geology, History.
    DANIEL DRAKE Geography, Woodwork.
    VALERIE DUNCAN  English Literature.
    PATRICIA DURANCE  Needlework.
    CAROL EYEIONS English Literature, Biology, Cookery, History.

    English Literature, Geography, Human Biology,Needlework.

    DAVID FLETCHER Geography, History.

    English Literature, Geography, Human Biology, Cookery, Pottery.

    KEVIN FRANKS Metalwork.
    JULIA GARDNER Cookery.
    DRUSILLA GARRIOCK English Language, English Literature, Biology.
    STEPHEN GIBBINS Geography, Mathematics, Woodwork, Metal-work, Engineering Drawing.
    MARION GREEN Cookery.
    DEREK GUYMER Geography, Pottery.
    WENDY HALL English Language, English Literature, Religious Knowledge, Cookery.
    STEPHEN HURST English Language, Art, Woodwork.
    JOHN IRVINE Greek, Chemistry.
    MICHAEL JONES English Language, Religious Knowledge, Mathematics
    PHILIP W. JONES Mathematics.
    VIVIEN KILPATRICK French, Italian.
    SUSAN KITSON Biology, Pottery.
    RALPH LINSELL Additional Mathematics,
    PATRICIA LONGLAND English Literature, French, Mathematics, Needlework.
    PAULINE MACDONALD English Literature.
    LINDA MAHONEY Needlework
    JEAN MAIN English Literature, History, Chemistry, Art.
    ANN MARTIN Religious Knowledge, Cookery.
    JOHN MATTINGLEY Geography, Physics, Mathematics, Commerce.
    EVELYN MORGAN English Language, English Literature. Geography, Mathematics, Biology, Cookery, Commerce.
    MARGARET MOYLE English Literature, Religious Knowledge.
    DAVID NORRIS English Literature, French, Geography, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Commerce.
    LINDA OLVER English Language, English Literature, Latin, French, Geography, Biology, Art.
    ROBERT OSBORNE Geography, Mathematics, Woodwork, Engineering Drawing.
    KAREN PARKIN English Literature, Biology, Cookery.
    SARA PAULGER English Language, Geography, Needlework.
    JOHN PEARSON English Language, English Literature, French, Physics, Chemistry, Maths History.
    SUSAN PEYTON English Language, English Literature, Religious Knowledge, Biology, History.
    CAROLE PIKE English Literature,
    HELEN PLATFORD  Needlework.
    EVAN POTTS  English Literature. Latin, Geography, Mathematics
    LYNDA POWELL Art, Pottery.
    MARTIN POWELL English Language, English Literature, Latin, French, Geography, Mathematics,

     Physics, Chemistry

    BARRY PRAGNELL Geography, Mathematics.
    CHRISTOPHER REES English Literature.
     ROSALIND REES  English Language, English Literature, Geography, Pottery.
    MARGARET ROBINSON English Literature, Mathematics, Cookery.
    ROBERT ROSS English Language, English Literature, Religious Knowledge, Geography, Mathematics,

    Physics, Chemistry, Woodwork.

    ADRIA ROSSER English Language, English Literature, History, Art.
    SUSAN ROUTLEDGE Cookery, Art.
    ADRIENNE ROWLAND English Literature, French, History, Art
    JANE SAVAGE English Literature, Geography, Pottery.
    MALCOLM SENIOR Geography.
    DONNA SEWELL English Language, English Literature, French, Mathematics, History, Art.
    EWART SHAW English Literature, Latin, French, Geography, Mathematics, Chemistry.
    LINDA SHERWOOD English Language.
    MARGARET SHOULS Geography, Biology.
    PHILIP SMITH British Constitution.
    SYDNEY SMITH English Language, Geography, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, British Constitution.
    JEANETTE SOUTHWOOD English Literature, Latin, French, Geography, Mathematics, Chemistry,

    Biology, Art.

    JANET STEPHENS English Language.
    JOANNE SYMON Geography.
    EDWIN THOMPSON Mathematics.
    ROBERT TUE Mathematics, Physics, Engineering Drawing.
    CONSTANCE TWISS English Literature, History, Biology.
     MERVYN WAGSTAFFE English Language.
    PETER WARD English Language, Latin. French History. Art.
      LUCIE WEBBER English Literature.
    SUSAN WILLEY English Literature, Mathematics.
    JOHANN WILLMAN German, Geography, History, Engineering
    KENNETH WILSON Drawing Latin, French.
    CHRISTOPHER WISBEY Geography, Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics.
    PHILIP WOODCOCK Woodwork Art, Metalwork.
    ROBERT YOUDELL  Pottery.






    Ordinary Level - Oxford   Autumn 1968

    MALCOLM ALDWORTH Additional Mathematics
    ROY ALDWORTH English Language, English Literature.
     TINA ANDREWS English Language.
    ROBIN BAILEY English Language
    PHILIP BAKER History, Metalwork.
      RICHARD BALL English Language, Art
     GRAHAM BEENY English Language.
     GORDON BELL English Language.
    CHRISTINE BEVERIDGE English Literature.
    JACQUELINE BEYNON Mathematics, Art.
     IAN BROWN English Language.
      LINDA BUCHAN English Language.
    HILARY BURRELL English Language, Mathematics.
    CAROLINE CARY English Language.
       DIANNE CATTLE English Language.
    JANE COLYER English Language, Art.
    STEPHEN CROOME Mathematics.
      DANIEL DRAKE Mathematics.
     JANE DRAKE English Language, Art.
    CAROL DRANE English Language.
    SUSAN EDWARDS English Language .Mathematics.
    DAVID FLETCHER English Language.
      CAROLINE FOX English Language.
    LINDA GILBERT English Language.
     LYNNE GRAHAM English Language.
    PEGGY GRAY English Language.
     PAUL GRIMSON Additional Mathematics.
     WENDY HALL English Literature.
    JULIA HANN English Language.
    JANET HARVEY English Language, Mathematics.
     RICHARD HOCTOR Additional Mathematics.
     STEPHEN HURST Mathematics, Metalwork, Engineering Drawing
    MICHAEL JONES English Language, Geography.
      VIVIEN KILPATRICK English Language, Mathematics,
    valerie martin English Language.
    katherinE mcconnell English Language.
    richard moakes English Language.
    margaret moyle English Language.
    joseph muscat English Language, Physics.
    yvonne nicholas Biology.
    sonia orsman Additional Mathematics.
    christopher parry English Language.
    sara paulger English Language, English Literature, Biology.
    raymond perks Additional Mathematics.
    barry pragnell Physics. Metalwork.
    douglas pringle English Language.
     christine raine


    simon richardson

    English Language.


    veronica robinson French,  Religious Knowledge.
    robert ross French.
    adria rosser English Language, Biology
     daniel rowan English Language.
    donald rowan

    English Language.

    jane savage History.
    linda sherwood Mathematics, Biology.
     roberta shouls Art.
    sydney smith English Literature.
    jeanette southwood German.
     ilona steele Art.
    elizabeth stewart Human Biology.
      penelope tatton Art.
    edwIn thompson Geography.
    constance twiss English Literature, Mathematics.
    mervyn wagstaffe English Literature.
    pEter ward English Literature.
     lindsay warren English  Language, Mathematics.
    lucie webber English Language.
    christine wilkinson English Language, Art.
      james woodhams English Language, Mathematics.
     adrian worley Engineering Drawing.
    dominik wujastik English  Language,  Mathematics.


                    Bartered Bride

    The school opera, Smetana's 'Bartered Bride' was performed at the end of the Spring Term.

    It was the school's first attempt to breakaway from the traditional Gilbert and Sullivan and many people (including the cast at times') thought it would prove too difficult. Without Mr. Campbell, who virtually rewrote the opera to bring it within our capabilities, it would have been. As it was we had to work very hard but I'm sure all the cast would agree that it was well worth it.

    A great number of people were concerned with the performance in various ways and we should like to thank them all. Special thanks should go to Miss Saunter, to Miss Williams, and of course to Mr. Campbell. Thanks should also go to all who were concerned with scenery, lighting, costumes and all the other backstage activities.

    All the principals are to be congratulated on their performances. They were Robert Ross (Jenik), Julia Northey (Marenka), Robert Bailey (Vasek), David Norris (Kecal), Mr. Rickets (Krushina), Penny Tatton (Ludmilla), Mr. Tomlinson (Toby Micha), Jane Savage (Hata), Dianne Cattle (Emeralda), David Davies (The Circus Manager), Trevor Gardner (The Strong Man). Everyone said that the chorus sang and acted better than they have ever done before, and the dancers and circus act deserve special congratulations.

    There is no doubt that the audiences on all nights enjoyed the performances immensely. It is a pity that the hall was not always full, but perhaps people were put off because it was not Gilbert and Sullivan. We hope that the success of this production has proved to all that it was worth making the extra effort, and that it will encourage more people to attend next year's opera.


    Caucasian Chalk Circle

    First reading of the play was for the most of us, rather boring, but rehearsals proved otherwise. Characters, including guilty Grusha, seemed to think that rehearsals were unnecessary and that all the play needed was a couple of hours poring over the words. We soon realised however that a play goes deeper than that and we began to explore and discover our characters. At the beginning of rehearsals no acting took place, words were mumbled and actions clumsier but as the play became better known to us, response to the words came naturally.

    Although at first I did not realise it, the experience of playing Grusha was different from anything I had known before. When THE BIG NIGHT

     came everyone was pessimistic but, although Miss Saunter was the most despairing of us all, she came behind stage looking positively radiant.

    I, myself, left all trace of nerves in the wings and forgot everything once on stage and went through the play as if it were really happening.

    There were a few dodgy moments, e.g. crossing the bridge when I nearly fell and the gulf did look deep.

    The performances of some of the cast are worth special mention, John Irvine as the Doctor, Innkeeper, Lawyer and Man on Bridge acted superbly, also Yvonne Nicholas as Ludovica, Ian Williams as Simon; others who captivated the audience were Azdak played by Joe Vincent! and Trevor Gardner as the Corporal.

    So, miraculously the play came off and I think that most considered it a success.

    Finally I would like to thank the rest of the cast for trying so bard on the actual nights, and also to Mr. Alexander and all other staff concerned with the production, but most credit goes to Miss Saunters who did brilliantly in producing the show and tolerating us, and deserves more applause than all of us put together.


    S.S. Uganda Cruise


    On December 23rd. 1968 a party of 20 students and Lt. Cdr. arid Mrs. Butler boarded the 17,000 ton s.s. Uganda for a cruise to Tripoli, Naples, Ajaccio, Barcelona and Palma.

    After leaving Malta and parents behind the Uganda set a course for Tripoli. Unfortunately the sea wasn't particularly smooth so everybody was hit by a bout of seasickness. Arriving the next day everybody had breakfast and boarded the buses for Sabratha the Roman city about 60 miles west of Tripoli. The trip took about 90 minutes so everybody got a good look at coastal Libya. Upon arriving we were amazed at how many luxuries the Romans had, even toilets. The ampitheatre was built in such a way that no matter where one sat you could hear everything said on the stage.

    We had a look at the museum and then the buses took us back to the ship. After lunch we were free to roam the city looking for souvenirs and to bargain with the shopkeepers in the "Suk" a covered bazaar. Before we left that night there was a fire work display in honour of Libya's independence.

    Two days later we arrived in Naples. Unfortunately the weather was not very good but the tours went ahead as planned. We visited Mt. Vesuvius and Pompei. The next day was spent at sea enroute for Ajaccio, Corsica.

    We arrived in Ajaccio on 28th. December. Here the tours were mainly concerned with Napoleon Bonaparte for Ajaccio was his birthplace, The Corsicans are extremely proud of this small but powerful man and this is very evident. Later that day it snowed. This was very exciting for many of the Maltese and Libyans many of whom had never seen snow. Soon the weather cleared up and everyone explored the little town and discovered the immense statue to Napoleon which listed all his famous works and battles except Waterloo.


    After another day at sea we arrived at Barcelona. We thoroughly enjoyed our time here particularly on account of the immense funfair close to the city,

    On New Year's Day we arrived in Palma Majorca, we toured the city and visited a bullring in the morning and explored the town after lunch. The next morning the Uganda sailed for Malta and on January 4th. we returned to parents and school.

    Everybody enjoyed the cruise especially the Christmas dinner with a visit from Father Christmas.

    The excellent programme arranged by B.I. Cruises included dances and films every night. Looking back we all wish that there was more but we must wait until next time. ~ Success was also due to Lt. Cdr. Butler and his wife, we would like to thank them for everything they did.




    Duke of Edinburgh's Award Scheme


    The number of boys taking part in the scheme has steadily increased during the year. This is largely due to the fact that older boys are starting the programmes at the silver and gold levels.

    The most interesting activities have again been concerned with expedition training, namely map reading, orienteering and rock climbing. Life saving and Diving courses have also been very popular and have helped to satisfy the yearn for action and adventure.

    We were particularly pleased that three of our members won the first "Open Orienteering" competition for the school against strong opposition from other service units.

    Since last year the scheme has been developed and the changes are all designed to encourage more young people to take part in worthwhile leisure time activities.

    Those taking part in the scheme this year are:

    GOLD AWARD: Evan Potts, Robert Ross. Robin Bailey, Iain Roberts. Richard Ball.

    SILVER AWARD: James Woodhams, Ian Brown, Christopher Parry Terence McCole, Dommick Wujastyk, Stephen Holdsworth, Philip Woodcock Joseph Donelly.

    BRONZE AWARD: John Dawson, Graham Longmire, Philip Gough.


    This year 13 girls have been working on the Duke of Edinburgh's Award Scheme:

    Hazel Smith

    Valerie Crockett

    Hilary Burrell Bronze Award

  • Heather Ferguson

  • Susan Morrell

  • Jane Powell

  • Roberta Shouls

  • Jeanette Southwood

  • Rosemary Arden Silver Award

  • Julia Gardner

  • Carol Linseil

  • Linda Longmire

  • Karen Burgess has just started work on the Gold Award.

  • They have worked with enthusiasm and have been able to join the boys for several out-door expeditions which has proved valuable for them, and has also aroused in them a keen sense of competition.

    Members of Staff have very kindly given their assistance in testing and running courses and Miss Turner is specially to be thanked for organising a beauty demonstration and running a grooming and poise course.

    Three girls Valerie Crockett, Hazel Smith and Jane Powell should have gone to Cyprus during the Easter holidays to take part in the Adventure Section of the award, but unfortunately were unable to do as they could not get on to an R.A.F. indulgence flight.

    It is to be hoped that girls who leave the school having started work on this award will continue with it in the schools that they go to and we wish them every success with it.

    Cyprus Youth Leadership Course

    During the winter holidays Evan Potts and I went to Cyprus to participate in a Youth leadership course to qualify us partly for the Duke of Edinburgh's Gold Award. The course took place at St. John's School, Episcopi.

    Altogether there were about 40 girls and boys on the course, which was arranged by Sqr. Leader Jones. Most of the people were British Students residing in Cyprus. We were split into 5 groups and throughout the course the groups were in constant competition against one another.

    The mornings began at 7 a.m. with breakfast about 7.30 but after a couple of tiring days it became a general practice with most people to sleep until 8 a.m. and go without breakfast.

    After breakfast it was customary to have some form of initiative test. On the first day we were given a list of items we had to collect ranging from a throat spray to popgroup instruments in and around Episcopi. Most groups had transport difficulties as we were not allowed to 'hitch' lifts and one group had stolen all the bicycles. Some groups ended with minus points after putting their feet in it when talking aloud about how some bloke had dropped them a mile or so from where they were going after hitching a lift from him.

    The second day we went orienteering and on the third day each group went to a different village; some Greek, some Turkish. We had to find out as much as we could about the history and everyday life of the village.

    After 6 p.m. we were given lectures. On the first night it was music and afterwards we had to compose and play our own songs. We gathered an assortment of old bottles and dustbins to provide the noise.

    The following night it was drama and each group was called upon to write and produce a play. Again this was a competition between the groups. It was a custom that before each event a leader was chosen for each group If the group won the event the leader was obliged to wear a medallion around his neck which had "I am the Creepiest" engraved on the back. Hence group leaders were often in favour of losing an event.

    From 11 p.m. until about 1 a.m. we went on night excursions. Half the boys would be dropped about 3 miles from the school in the wild with a big metal bucket, which was symbolic of a top-secret nose-cone. They had to sneak the bucket into the school past the other half of the boys, who were left on guard.

    One night Evan and I were chosen to take the bucket while the others created a diversion in the valley. However, it started to pour with rain and the bucket sounded more like 'Big Ben' chiming when the rain hit it.

    Hence we were caught about Midnight but the others didn't realize we had stopped and stayed at the bottom of the valley getting soaked til! about 1.30 a.m. making as much noise as possible. The girls were not allowed to take part and sat making coffee and listening to records all night in their classroom-converted-bedrooms.

    On the whole, the course was very enjoyable and worthwhile, and I shall remember it vividly for a long time to come.


  • Cables:


    Tel: 25071 & 28180







     ADMIRALTY Charts & Hydrographic Publications.


    The British Guides in Malta are organised in a number of companies under a District Commissioner, Mrs. Postlethwaite, and this year, thanks to the kindness of Air Commodore Winn, the Tal Handaq company together with guides from Floriana were able to camp over the Easter Holidays at Safi.

    Twenty eight guides were picked up by the bus which left Savoy at 10 am on the Tuesday, complete with kitbags, sleeping equipment, a few guitars and pocket money. There were 4 tents for the guides, two of them allocated for the guides of Tal Handaq.

    Every day each patrol was given a different job, such as chopping wood or helping the cook. We also had daily inspection of tents and it really was a miracle how our tents looked then, not a thing out of place.

    After elevenses we were given a challenge, such as painting a picture from natural materials, the winner being given a free "pop" or sweets at the tuck shop After lunch we would spend an hour resting and then play a game organised by the camp patrol leaders. Tea was around 4 p.m. and cooks then had to help with preparing dinner. After that wood patrol would stack fuel for a camp fire. This was the best part of the day, finishing with hot dogs and cocoa.

    Jane Thomas 3B


    Fashion Show

    On Saturday 22nd. March, the needlework department of Tal Handaq presented a mannequin parade in the school hall, to exhibit the clothes made at the school.

    A pieasant addition to this function was a coffee morning providing refreshments to all the guest, and during the interval Carol Linsoll accompanied by her brother Ralph on the guitar, sang several folk songs.

    The parade itself contained much variety, the chosen outfits ranged from night attire to formal evening dresses and from Maxis to Minds. Dianne Cattle ga^e a lively commentary and many people commented on the smooth running of the morning.

    AR the models should be complemented on their poise and deportment, it was for the majority of the girls their first attempt at modelling and must have been a big ordeal, especially for the younger girls.

    Round the hall were displayed various handicrafts, also made by the girls, these showed a wide range of skills.

    On behalf of the pupils of the needlework department, we should like to thank Miss Turner, Mrs. Barraclough and Mr. Moore most sincerely for making this occasion possible.

    Pat Durance and Karen Fleck 5UA

    Old Pupils Page

    Most of the news this year has come from old students who have recently left and are busy at Universities, Colleges of Education and Technical Institutes etc. Among these at Colleges of Education are Lynn Edmonds at Bretton Hall where she is enjoying a full musical life. Karen Croome at Cheltenham as her parents are still in Malta we have seen her in the vacations, We have also had a visit from Sally Rathmell who lis at Chelsea College of Physical Education. Brian Jackson is doing similar course at Loughborough; David Hopkinson is in his first year at Furzedown and he met Geraldine Fleming who was there for an interview, having been accepted for next September. Janet Baker is at the College of Education at Clacton.

    We have not heard much from people at Universities but Bernard Hatchard at Reading, and Liz Jameson at Leicester, Aline Macdougal at Edinburgh. Susan Tolson is reading Chemistry at Birmingham and Brian Carey, Chemical Engineering at Sheffield. Michael Vingoe, Zoology at Liverpool, Peter Ross, Geography at Manchester.

    There are quite a few old pupils in the services, a recent visitor at the school was Lindsay Wilkin who is a Flying Officer in the R.A.F. (Air Traffic Control) He gave us news of his brother Roger, also a Flying Officer R.A.F. and of James Gilchrist who is doing the same job as Lindsay at a different station. Adrian Lindley is also an R.A.F. Officer and is married. David Hobden and Ian Inshaw are in the Army and the latter recently married Isobel Simpson. Roger Tatton is a Sub-Lieutenant R.N. at the Fleet Air Station at Culdrose.

    A good many ex Tal Handakers are teaching among them Bill Duncan at Wakefield Grammar School Rosemary Dearden at a boy's School near Tring, Jane Carver at a Secondary School at Westbury, Wilts. She hopes, however, to get a commission in the Wrens. Carol Morrison is teaching in a Junior Shool in Dundee, and Pat Satchell is also at a Junior School in the West Country.

    From Singapore we have news of Brendan Breslin, Alison Bigden and Marjorie Sewell.

    There have been a good many weddings; among them Lorna Tierney, Sally Frow, Ann Hoctor, Nuala Fleming, Melanie Lusty who married Richard Sanders (they were in Form V together). Linda Barnes is married and living in New Zealand.

    Last October we had a visit from Rosemary Andrews and Pamela Hinton who is now Mrs. Miller they gave news of Angela Salter who is married with a small son, and Paula Goodale who is married to a fellow B.B.C. worker.

    Andrew Wilkin is now a Lecturer at Strathclyde University he is married with a small son.

    Heather Fraser is working in an architect's office and Lee Champ with an international shipping company. Gloria Jackson is a student nurse at Plymouth while Robin Bowes is a car salesman there. Beryl George is working with Air Traffic Control at Manchester.

    There are also a good many who are still at school and hope they will be successful in their examinations, among these are Gillian, Rosemary and Susan Witherspoon; Catherine and Maureen Carberry and Valerie and Nigel Murray. Rosemary Fisher and Marion Green are both doing Secretarial Courses. Judith Cross hopes to go to University of Salford to read Modern Languages next October.

    This is only a very small cross section of the very large population of old pupils who have spent some of their school time here. From their letters they all seem to look back with nostalgia to their days at Tal Handaq and may these happy memories long continue.




  • Owing to a busy session, which included a play at Christmas and an opera at Easter, the Literary and Debating Society was prompted to curtail its activities so as not to interfere with valuable rehearsal time. It would be fair to add that fewer pupils appear to be interested in debating than ever before.

  • In spite of this, however, three meetings of a high standard were held, one during each term.

  • In the first term, a very successful, if poorly attended, Balloon Debate was held. The winner was Linda Olver, who gave an amusing impersonation of Flo Capp

  • In the second, term, the Society held a Mock Election. After a lively Election Campaign, in which the following members took part: Linda Olver (Liberal), David Morris (Independent), Chris Parry (Welsh Nationalist), Robin Bailey (Conservative), Robert Ross (Labour), the winner in a secret ballott by a large majority was the Labour Candidate. It is regrettable to add that the Labour Member has not yet fulfilled his election promises.

  • The Public-Speaking Competition as usual produced some very interesting speeches. The winner was David Norris with a witty, well-delivered speech on "Ever let the fancy roam, Pleasure never is at home". The runner-up was Robert Ross who spoke on "Is it progress if a cannibal uses a knife and fork?"

    During the second term, the Debating Society joined the Malta School Debating League and took an active part in three very stimulating debates at the Sacred Heart Convent. It is hoped to do more debating next session with the league, for standards are undoubtedly improved with the introduction of outside competition.

    The following pupils acted as committee members during this season: David Norris, Chris Parry, Dianne Cattle, Lynne Graham, Ian Brown, Richard Ball.


    The Junior Debating Society had its first meeting on llth. February The Society has been striving to produce debates and other types of discussions.

    The following debates have been held:

    Should homework be abolished. Opposed

    School uniforms should be abolished. Carried.

    Spot Debate with the following topics: Age limits in movies are good Men are the weaker sex The world is better off without the U.S.A. Detentions should be abolished

    Balloon Debate.

    Speakers were:

    Oliver Twist

    Man who invented the wheel



    General de Gaulle winner

    Man who invented T.V.

    Lord Powell

    Ben Franklin Too much money is spent on space exploration Prefects have too much power Inter House Quiz winner St. Vincent Mock Election

    We hope that we can encourage more members to come and speak, and thank all the members who have already spoken for their participation. It is our aim to have public discussions on subjects of interest and we hope any who are interested will come and join in.

    Anina Beaman. 2AI.



    National Exhibition

    of Children's Art

    The National Exhibition of Children's Art opened on 30th April in the Palazzo de la Salle in Valletta. Some eighty pieces of work were on display from Tal Handaq, comprising drawings, paintings, fabrics and various constructions

    There was a more varied range of work offered by the schools than in previous years, most of it of a very high standard. The pottery in particular drew much praise as did the illuminated mobile construction.

    Tal Handaq was well represented in the 12-14 years group and was awarded the Shield and Certificate of Merit for the second year in succession.

    S. Hurst L6 Sc.




    Five reasons for drinking

    "If all be true that I do think,

    There are five reasons we should drink;

    GOOD Wine a friend or being dry

    Or lest we should be by and by

    Or any other reason why".

    (Henry Aldrich, 1647-1710)

    LACHRYMA VITIS (Red & White) is GOOD Wine


    Dial Central 25199 FREE DELIVERY







    Hawkins Boys House

    REPORT 1968-1969


    The Senior team had a very successful season obtaining the maximum number of points. The team which included four members of the School team, played very well and together and produced some excellent football.

    However the Colts could have produced better results. There were several quite good individual players, but unfortunately they failed to combine their efforts as a team.

    Although they tried hard, the Juniors, like the Colts, failed to give the Seniors the support that they needed to win the league. However they did reasonably well against the strong opposition, thanks to the determination of several of the team.


    The Seniors again triumphed in this division with first place. The team played extremely well. The Colts put up a very good fight but sadly were knocked out in the final. The Juniors came fourth. Hawkins position in this division overall was equal second.

    This year has thus been one of moderate success overall on the soccer field with Hawkins obtaining second place in the league.


    This year for the Seniors was not a very strong one. However, on the whole, they did reasonably well in the eleven-a-side matches and managed to obtain second place in the seven-a-side competition.

    Hawkins produced a comparatively strong side for the Colts team which obtained second place in the fifteen-a-side matches and won the seven-a-side knock out. Everyone who took part made a very commendable effort.

    Rugby proved a sport in which the Juniors managed to shine rather more than in any of others. They won two out of three games and gained second place overall.


    The Senior team did some excellent running this year and came first. This was a splendid effort on the part of everyone concerned.

    Unfortunately, the Colts and Juniors turned out to be a little disappointing, both obtaining only third places. As a result, Hawkins had to be satisfied with second place overall.


    This event did not prove to be one of Hawkins most succesful. The op-well together as a unit. They won the games against both Drake and Nelson members of the team put up a good performance, Hawkins, came fourth in this competition.


    The Seniors did rather well in this event. The team members played well together as a unit. They won the games against both Drake and Nelson but unfortunately lost the vital match against St. Vincent.


    This activity was not keenly supported and our performances was therefore somewhat miserable. We can only hope that more enthusiasm will be shown next year.


    Throughout the House this sport was quite well supported, but, as in several other sports we "lacked" the wiinning touch. The Seniors managed to gain second place and the Juniors third, giving us an overall position of third.

  • Kevin Malloy (House Captain) Roy Aldworth (Games Captain)


  • Summing up, this year has not been one of Hawkins' best but neither has it been one of Hawkins' worst. Generally, enthusiasm and talent have not been lacking throughout the house but Hawkins has had little luck this year. In many events we were only ousted from victory in the final rounds.

  • Finally, I should like to thank Mr. Griffiths for yet another year's hard work as Hawkins' Housemaster.

  • Kevin Malloy (House Captain)



    Hawkins Girls House


    Firstly, in this report, I would like to say a very hearty welcome to our new House Mistress, Miss Simpson, who has already shown herself very able in her job, with some sterling work for the House.

    During the Spring Term, Hawkins held a Bring and Buy Sale. Many of the girls brought groceries and books and some made cakes and toys. The Sale was held in the Main Hall one lunch-hour, and was very successful. The money raised will be sent to charity.

    Altogether the House this year has been keen and well turned out, 1 hope that this will last, as they have been a very pleasant House to work with.

    Sonia Orsman (House Captain)

    Hawkins Girls Games


    This year has not been one of Hawkins best years for sport, but nevertheless, it is a vast improvement on last year, and with a little more enthusiasm from the Senior members of the house, Hawkins has a chance of increasing her number of victories in future years.

    The middle and senior hockey teams did exceptionally well and managed to win the combined hockey cup. The middle team had three walk-overs, while the seniors also did very well gaining a win, a draw, and losing one match.

    The juniors were unfortunate in failing to win the junior netball cup, by only a few points, but we were, however placed second. The middle netball team also came second and I was very pleased to see an immense amount of enthusiasm from these 3rd and 4th years.

    We came third in the Senior netball, the Senior tennis and the badminton since the enthusiasm shown by the seniors over the hockey was not obvious in these sports.

    Hawkins came third in the sports of 1968 with a combined score of 711 points. We had two girl champions Christine Sinson, who was the best girl athlete from the 13-15 age group, and Jane Hirst, from the 15-17 age group. Christine set up two new records for the 100 and the 150 yards sprint, and Jane set up a new record for the under 15 880 yards and Petula Bayly set up a new under 17 150 yards record. The under 17's also broke the relay record. In the field events two new records were set up for the shot. One by Rosalind Sawyer from the under 17 age group and Gillian Witherspoon from the under 20's.

    Hawkins did rather better in the Swimming Sports, coming second, with 158 points, although we only gained two first. Jane Hirst was first in the over 14 diving, and Susan Witherspoon won the under 12| breakstroke.

    I would like to thank all those people who have taken part in house sports this year, as rather more than usual interest has been taken. An especial thanks goes to all reserves, who have patiently waited to step in at last minute, if needed. I would also like to say thank you to our new house mistress Miss J. Simpson who has added a lot to the house spirit with her own keeness and hard work. Thank you.

    Penny Tatton. (Games Captain.)

    Nelson Boys House


    Usually the House results vary from year to year in the form of a "cycle" the better Houses finding themselves at the bottom of the "cycle" after a successful year. Unfortunately, owing to this "Cycle of success" it was found that one House tended to predominate in every event and it wasn't Nelson.

    Despite minor successes experienced by individual years 1st year's win in the cross country, seniors win in the Rugby, and the 2nd. place in the

    orienteering Nelson always seemed to end up in the second-half of the points table. This however was not due to the lack of House spirit, which was at all times strong especially when one considers the frequently disheartening results obtained.

    I would like to thank every member who represented the House in any event and also the Seniors Ian Williams, Ray Perks, Evan Potts and Ralph Linsell for organising the teams throughout the years. Last but not least I would also like to thank on behalf of all the boys in the House, our House Masters Messrs. Lewis, Tatton, Charlton and Commander Whyte for their unfailing support especially in the Staff Room.

    RON WILLETT House Captain

    Nelson Girls House


    Although it was not a particularly outstanding year for Nelson girls in the field of sport, it was not for want of enthusiasm. Every sport met, with a great response from the girls.

    I would like to thank Val Duncan for her work as Games Captain in the Christmas Term. Roseanne Bryant has since proved an invaluable Games Captain.

    Although there are no longer any House events apart from sport, Nelson girls participate individually in activities: Art Exhibition, Public Speaking, Poetry Competition, and Stage Productions. I would like to congratulate Sue Peyton for winning the B.F.B.S. Short Story Competition.

    Finally on behalf of the House I would like to thank Mrs. Harland for her constant support throughout the year, and wish Nelson every success in the future.

    Sue Kitson (House Captain)

    Nelson Girls Sports


    Although Nelson did not achieve any outstanding accomplishments this year, the house spirit was undaunted and the team players all tried extremely hard. Attendance at the matches and practices was commendable.

    The results this year are not very inspiring as Nelson did not win anything. We came 3rd in the Badminton, Senior Hockey, tied 3rd in the Junior, Middle and Senior netball, came 2nd in the Middle hockey and 4th in the Senior tennis. The players all tried their best, but we were up against some strong opposition.

    In the athletics last year the under 13 age group did very well, L. Gather-wood breaking a record in the 70 yards hurdles and K. Kerr breaking the 1.60 and 150 yards. We also won the under 13 relay and high jump, again we

    have to thank K. Kerr.

    I would like to thank Mrs. Harland on behalf of Nelson house, lor her help throughout the >ear, and on my own behalf I should like to thank the girls for their continuous support. I hope my successor enjoys being Games Captain as much as I have.

    Roseann Bryant Games Captain

    Drake House Boys



    After being the overall winners the previous year Drake slipped in the table and at the end of the season were found occupying third place. The enthusiasm from the lower years was there but evidently the skill and ability to score runs was not. The senior having many of their previous seasons players missing were not helped by an unfortunate accident to their captain at the start of the season and they consequently found the pace too hot. Congratulations however must go to Chris. Dixon who was awarded his school colours.


    Drake, often labelled the "underdogs" in House football, found themselves in the familiar third place at the half-way stage of the season. Things brightened for us however in the second half and with a much improved standard of football from all the years we lifted ourselves into the "runners-up" position.

    A six-a-side tournament was also held this year and again Drake finished runners-up. Praise must go to the "Colt" team for an outstanding performance finishing winners of their section.


    This year Drake managed to obtain 3rd position overall. The seniors had 1he best results, winning two and narrowly losing to Nelson. We did not do so well in the 7-a-side but every one who took part performed to the best of hie ability. An unfortunate accident to our scrum-half could have effected the result.

    Special mention must go to J. Norris who led the senior team and with M. Black was awarded his school colours. N. Moore, P. Hynes and M. Aldsworth all played for the school 1st. XV.


    This sport, relatively new one in House competitions, gained Drake a very welcome first place. The competition is run on the "mixed" basis with only seniors competing. By the end of the tournament Drake were level with St. Vincent with two wins and a draw each. This therefore led to the final playoff which was so close that the result had to be taken to points, as the sets and games were level.

    Congratulations must go the two couples M. Aldsworth and C. Drane; C.

    Dixon and S. Freeman for their very fine effort.


    Last year's swimming gala saw Drake House triumph over the previous years bad luck. It is usual for Drake to take the wooden spoon in this event but this year thanks to a great team spirit we came second in the boys section, rnd first in the girl's and therefore first overall.


    This is a new event in the house competition and the first meeting was comfortably won by Drake. The winning team were C. Dixon, D. Norris, and R. Hoctor.


    Despite having only a few keen athletes among our senior members great enthusiasm was generated amongst the lower forms and Drake was found occupying the second place. This year the first position should be easily within our grasp.

    This year for Drake has been one of very mixed results. In many of the sports we have been unlucky and with a little more effort we could have reached the top, instead often we are found in the runners-up position. Taking the House Sport's programme generally it has been very successful. The results are not the only thing that is important but the competive atmosphere and the feeling that a boy is important member of a team is. Such an atmosphere has crept into Drake house this year and after a period of three or four years at the bottom Drake are steadily climbing to the top. I hope they carry on this progress.

    I thank the Drake House masters noteably Mr. Roberts, Mr. Pappin and Mr. Houston for their valuable time spent coaching and supporting the events.

    MALCOLM ALDSWORTH. Games Captain.

    Drake Girl's House


    Drake has certainly given an excellent performance in sports this year. Congratulations must be given to the senior and Middle School on their fine achievements in winning the netball cup this year and also the mixed Badminton Cup. Well done all concerned. The Juniors will improve their standards of netball and tennis with a little more practice.

    On behalf of Drake House I would like to thank our new Headmistress, Miss Turner, for without her special coaching and encouragement we would never have had such a successful year in sports. This has even included a Keep Fit Class started by Miss Turner. It really does work and you can lose weight easily without too great an effort.... so come on girls what are you waiting for?

    I would also like to thank our Games Captain Sue Freeman and all those who played in, or helped with the House Teams.

    Finally I would like to say goodbye myself and wish Drake House all the best for future.

    CAROL DRANE. House Captain.

    St. Vincent House Boys



    An excellent season for "The Saints" with all three teams collecting enough points for the house to comfortably win the cup for the fourth consecutive season. Henshall in the Juniors deserves special note for his good ball control, whereas Devlin in the Colts distinguished himself by playing for the School 1st. XI. The Seniors too had their stars with P. Grimson, P. Smith, M. Jones, J. Stackpoole, and P. Ward all playing for the School 1st. XI. Congratulations to "Busty" Stackpoole for winning his school colours.


    A new inter-house competition and another resounding victory for "The Saints". Places first, second and third, were achieved by the Juniors, Seniors and Colts respectively.


    As with the football "The Saints" won this cup for the fourth consecutive season. In the Juniors, Wynne deserves praise for his constant effort and powerful runs. The Colts remained unbeaten with Moffett and Ferguson the leading players; the former excelled himself by gaining a place in the School XV. The Seniors produced much attractive open rugby with P. Grimson, P. Smith, Don Rowan, J. Gough, M. Jones and J. Stackpoole all playing for the School 1st XV. P. Smith gained his school rugby colours this year.


    This was the second time this competition has been played and for the second time "The Saints" walked off with the cup. The Juniors and Seniors came first in their respective divisions while surprisingly the Colts were beaten 'into second place by Hawkins.


    A slight deviation from the Outward Bound competition of last year requiring both perseverance and stamina. P. Grimson, M. Jones and J. Wood-hams represented the House and achieved a worthwhile third place.


    After completing the competition this year the House was found to be first place with Drake. A play off was held, between the two teams and after ten games the Houses were still equal, five games each. Consequently the gameseores were added up and unfortunately Drake won by the narrowest margin possible, two points. The two mixed double teams of Mick Jones and Gillian Scott, Phil Smith and Penny Goodfellow must therefore be thanked for their constant effort.


    This inter-house competition, started this year, at Senior level resulted in another first place for "The Saints." The unbeaten team was M. Jones, Don Rowan, R. Ball, P. Grimson, P. Smith, J. Stackpoole and P. Ward with the

    first three players representing the school at this sport. Congratulations however to all concerned.


    Once again, "The Saints" proved too powerful for the other Houses and won the cup. Martin Hallam and P. Ward are to be thanked for winning their individual races while J. Stackpoole must be noted for astounding everyone by coming third.


    Another new competition and once again fruitful for "The Saints". With one fixture left to play, the team of P. Smith, M. Jones and J. Stackpoole seem certain of second, if not first place.


    St. Vincent this year, I believe, has broken all previous records. They have amassed six cups out of eight competitions with the prospect of four more. The House spirit has been extremely high this year, especially in the Seniors, and I wish to thank all those non-outstanding players who excelled themselves on the football and rugby fields, Their results and the House's performance reflect the unfailing support and great encouragement given bv our House Masters, Mr. Jackson, Mr. Tomlinson and Mr. Kitson. I, on behalf of the House wish to thank them, and also P. Grimson, the previous House Captain, who has contributed much to the House's success. Lastly, on behalf of St. Vincent, I wish to thank Mr. Ricketts, the School P.E. Master whose hard work has produced and organised the competitions in which we have played.

    P. SMITH (House Captain)

    St. Vincent Girls House


    This year St. Vincent was pleased to welcome Miss Heaney as its new House Mistress, who look over this difficult task from Mrs. Dewstone.

    House activities were rather disappointing this year, although we were pleased to help Hawkins with their Bring and Buy Sale. On behalf of the House I would like to congratulate Hawkins on their success.

    I would like lo sty a vote of thanks to Maureen Jones, our Games Captain, who has worked extremely hard and enthusiastically, despite the lack of support she sometimes encountered.

    Finally I would like to thank Miss Heaney for her support and encouragement during the year, and to wish her and St. Vincent all best wishes for the future.

    Patty Andrews (House Captain)

    St. Vincent Girls Sports



    This year our house team consisted of: 1st couple: L. Wolfenden, H. Coggelshall and 2nd couple: P. Goodfellow, P. Longland, who did very well to gain 2nd place after a narrow defeat by Drake.


    Seniors     Middle   Junior
    GK L. Wolfenden   E. Griggs   M. Lawless
    GD H. Coggelshall    V. Crockett   S. Shaw
    WD S. Willey    J. Thomas   L. Bell
    C M. Jones   E. Laurie   S. Mason
    WA P. Longland   J. Powell   L. Rowland
    GAGS P. Goodfellow   M. Hollis    T. Stackpoole
      J. Collier   C. Moyle   P. Smith


    Seniors 2nd)

    Middle School 4th) Overall position - 2nd

    Juniors 1st)

    The Juniors as usual were very keen and raised two teams for the inter-house tournament which they won. I would like to congratulate all those who took part or supported them.


    A mixed house badminton tournament was arranged last term and after a very exciting final our team lost to Drake the overall winners, by 2 points. The couples entered were: 1st couple: M. Jones, G. Scott

    2nd couple: P. Smith, P. Goodfellow




    Middle School

    GK L. Smith   B. Good
    LB G. Scott   J. Thomas
     RB J. Collier   M.Zugg
     LH H. Coggeshall   C. Stafford

    M. Jones

      C. Moyle
    RH L Wolfenden   E. Laurie
     LW C. Ward   C. Paul
    LI P. Goodfellow   A. Walker
    CF D. Cattle   V. Crockett
    RI L. Graham    T. Tyson
    RW C. Sykes   E. Griggs

     Despite the fact the Middle School lost all their matches they played well. The Seniors won two of the three matches that they played and our overall position was 3rd.


    Sports Day is yet to take place this year but last year St. Vincent maintained a good standard and won on house points. The Seniors also set up a new record for the 4 x 110 yards.


    The house did not do too badly this year on the sports field, but there is a definite lack of enthusiasm in the middle school. They could take an example from the juniors who were always willing to support their house. I would like to thank all those who helped in any way towards the running of the various competitions, and also Miss Heaney for her encouragement and support. Good luck in the future.

    Maureen Jones (Games Captain)


    Old Hall





                                                                       Malta Agents:                         PETROLEA

                                            MERCHANTS STREET, VALLETTA.



    School Athletics

    Tal Handaq has had a very full and active programme through-out the last season. We entered a team not only for theM.A.A.A. and Inter-Schools Championship for which we won the Junior, Senior and Agregate Shield but also for every local athletic meeting.

    Peter Ward who is under 17 but competed in many open races deserves special mention for his performance in the half and one mile. He holds the School half mile record at 2 minutes 12.9 seconds, and the mile at 4 minutes 52 seconds which betters the under 20 records by 8 seconds. Other athletics who have run well in the local meetings are D. Pringle, N. Ellis and R. Hoctor.

    Sports Day was as usual held at the Marsa Sports Ground. The programme was executed with the least possible fuss to a time-table worked out by Mr. Ricketts. Unfortunately Mr. Ricketts could not control the weather as the rain came down in torrents just as the mile, one of the last events was started. Needless to say the last few events and prize-giving were postponed for a few days. The best performances of the day in the field events were produced by M. Jones in the Under 17 triple jump with a new record of 39' 7", K. Franks with a new javelin record of 140' 0" and M. Holman with a Under 20 triple jump record of 39' 2J". On the track K. Woodcock set a new Under 15 record in the lOOx of 11.7 seconds and R. Hoctor set a new 440x record of 51.6 seconds.

    R. HOCTOR.


    Rugby 1st XV

    The past season has been one of the more successful enjoyed by the School XV. Places were keenly contested in the XV and especially VII-a-side teams which provided an added stimulas to the play the improved standard of which may be reflected in our 215 victory over the Nomads who two seasons earlier, beat us 550.

    Again all but two of our fixtures were against adult sides and disadvantages in size, weight and experience were overcome by our superior fitness, speed and tactics!

    The pack considering that only two of them had played before, one of whom left half way through the current season excelled themselves. Although it is difficult to single out any individuals, I feel the Rowan twins should be mentioned. Neither had played rugby before, only American football, and in them we found an excellent pair of balanced props', acquitting themselves well at all times.

    The three-quarters improved considerably as the season progressed with some strong running by Black, Norris provided consistent defensive tackling, while Hynes settled down well as full-back and proved to be one of our safest players whose speed was a valuable asset.

    The success of last season however, was essential due to a 'team' effort and all members must be given considerable credit for their consistant efforts against much bigger service sides.


    School XV v

     Lancs 2nd XV 6 8 L
     v. Hawks " "

    8 19

    " v. RAF XV 5 3 W
     v. B. S. Jackson XV 8 8 D
    ' v. Exiles

    6 6

    ' v. Exiles 3 3 D
     v. Paras. 2nd. XV

    3 24

    " v. Lancs.

    11 6

    v. Hawks

    0 21

    " v. Paras. " 2017 W
    v. Nomads. "

    21 5

    " v. Lancs. "

    33 33

     v. H.M.S. Fearless

    5 3


    WON: 5 DRAWN: 4 LOST: 4


    The School entered two teams for this event. The 'B' team were unfortunate to lose their second game by a try during extra time. Tne 'A' team however for the first time reached the semi-final by beating a much favoured overseas 'A' team by two tries, and the RAF 'C' team by .one try.

    Finally, I would like to thank Mr. Jackson and Cdr. Whyte on behalf of the team for training and coaching us.

    R. Willett (Captain)

    School 1st Cricket

    Last years cricket season proved to be a very full, active and successful one for the School 1st XI who finished second in the Naval League.

    Although there was keen enthusiasm through out the season the success tended to rest mainly on the shoulders of a few players. The mainstay of the batting element came from Evan Potts, Mick Jones and the Aldworth Brothers. The School however were fortunate in having a number of good bowlers, with Roy Aldworth, Chris Dixon and Steve Brewster providing the spearhead for 'pace' attack while a variety was added by Mick Jones with 'spin'.

    Other notable contributions came from C. Beacom, P. Baker, R. Willet with his unique 'rock' defence and 'catch a match' Phil Smith. As the season progressed the fielding became keener and very much improved and M. Aid-worth was found to be a safe and reliable wicket-keeper.

    With the majority of the old team providing the bases for this seasons 1st XI and with the addition of a few new players the School could be even more successful than last year. With the very experienced coaching of Mr. Jackson and under the new captaincy of Evan Potts, that elusive league  championship is well within our capabilities.                                

    Re-award of School Colours M. Aldworth and Evan Potts.

    Award of new colours R. Aldworth and C. Dixon.

    Malcolm J. Aldworth (Captain)

    Netball Report

    The school netball teams were formed this year from the senior part of the school with Penny Goodfellow and Linda Olver as Captains. Their only competition really was a three cornered fixture with the Luqa Wives which ended with one game lost and one won. However, the inter house competitions have been enthusiastically fought especially in the Junior part of the school. This gave people valuable experience with the hope that we will have more inter-school and club fixtures next year.




    Judo Club Report 1968-69


    The Judo Club this year has not only been attended by members of the 5th. and 6th forms but also by some of the younger boys in the school.

    We meet on Wednesday nights after school. Nearly everyone who has attended this year is new to Judo, so we started from the beginning. This consists of learning to breakfall and to break your opponents balance.

    The Judo meetings begin with a formal bow, and then the breakfall ; practice. BREAKFALLS a) Rolling left and right.

      1. Side left and right.
      2. Back breakfall.
      3. Stomach Breakfall.

    Then we practised breaking the balance of our opponents. It must be remembered that no throw is effective unless the balance is broken this is known as TSU KURI.

    Standing throws are known as TACHIWAZA. They are







    To receive a point or "ippon" for your throw your opponent must land flat on his back with both shoulders on the ground. If the throw is not successful or you wish to gaiin another point you may use ground work. This is the art of holding your opponents' shoulders on the ground for 30 seconds or until they submit.


      NECKLOCKS (These are very dangerous, so great care must be taken)


      GRIPPING THE JACKET ARMLOCKS (These are very painful)





      We have spent most of our time on contest work, as it is only through practise that your throws will improve.

      A contest is won either by:

      (a) Two | points WAZA-ARI (b} A Clean throw, A Hold down, or a strangle One Point IPPON

      Judo is not just sport, it is an art and a culture, therefore certain rules must be obeyed. For example, Clean Feet, respect for your instructor and opponent, and bowing before a contest

      I feel certain that everyone who has attended the Judo Club has enjoyed it very much and will join me in thanking Mr. D. Davies for giving up his time to run the Club.

      Jane Savage.



    The School Basketball


    Although the Basketball Club only began last year there has been many enthusiastic players. The School was going to enter a team into a league but unfortunately through misunderstanding we were unable to compete. However, friendly matches have been played with various teams from other Schools and from the Forces. There have been many good and exciting games resulting in three wins for the School out of nine games played.

    We did manage to enter into a Schools K.O. Competition and after beat-

    St. Josephs by forty points to 37 points are now in the Semi-final with De La Salle to play. Although the School has a number of good individual players, especially E. Thompson, we did not play as well as can be hoped as a team.

    Credit must go to Mr. Ricketts for giving up so much time in organising a 3-'a'-side Basketball Competition for Juniors and Seniors.

    There was much enthusiasm amongst all the players and also some good exciting basketball, resulting in "The Red Devils" winning the Junior cups and "The Three Muskeeters" winning the Seniors.

    The regular players for the School were M. Jones, R. Hoctor, C. Dixon, E. Thompson and Don Rowan.

    M. JONES Basketball Captain.



    Soccer Senior XI


    In October, the School once again entered the Inter-Services Soccer League (Div. II), with the prospect of a hard season's play ahead. Of the previous season's successful side no fewer than seven had left, so that heavy responsibility would fall obviously upon the four experienced survivors Aids-worth (R and M) Smith and Thompson!

    In early training and pre-season fixtures a useful blend was achieved

    with these players and others oi: more limited experience, and using the same playing system as last season the opening games were most encouraging. The team, playing strongly in midfield and defence, achieved notable victories at Siggiewi and St Patricks plus hard-earned draws at Luqa and against St.. Angelo. The end of the season however brought a glut of fixtures which, combined with other School activities, severely strained the resources of the team.

    Once again the League produced many interesting and hard-fought games playing in a sporting spirit by all sides concerned. Old links with the three Services were renewed and new ones made and valuable soccer experience was gained. In this respect, special mention must be made of Grimson, Stack-pole, Jones, Ward, Hynes and Beacon, whose standard of play matured remarkably during the course of the season. Goals were, as expected, more difficult to come by this season, as demands were heavier on the defensive-covering. Credit must be given to the goal-scorers, in addition to the sound defence, as many were the result of individual efforts.

    Three final items deserve mention:

    (i) The Six-a-Side team which, unchanged, reached the semi-final of the Inter-Service Competition at Luqa.

    (ii) The trials with First Division Clubs, in London, of R. Aldworth and Thompson, at which they both created very favourable impressions, and Thompson's selection for the Malta Youth XI, at Easter.

    (iii) A hard-earned victory over the Staff by 4-3! Congratulations to all those who represented the School during this year.






    F A PTS





    23 54 9






    18 Dixon





    14 Williams






    Smith (P)















    Aldworth (M)













    Other Matches   League Cup v. 3 Paras (at St. Andrews)

     L 1-2Friendlies v. U.K. Civilians W 2-1

                                     v. R.N. XI D 3 - 3




    School Table-Tennis Club

  • 1968-69During this season, club membership has increased encouragingly, notably amongst the lower school, several members of which can be seen every dinner hour using the facilities provided.

  • Although membership amongst the lower school has improved the upper school still forms the majority of the Club with some 30 members to the juniors 10. At the beginning of the season we only had two tables, and so the seniors tended to monopolize the tables, however in October, Mr. Vingo, father of a former pupil kindly presented the school with another table, and shortly after school received some new equipment from England. This puts us in the happy position of having three tables, and all the equipment necessary to run them all at the same time; with the prospect of another new table to the value of 28 which should arrive shortly.

  • During the last term, house matches have been played, and although there is still one match to play, it looks as though Drake are the winners. I would like to take the opportunity of thanking all those who took part in the house matches for their punctuality and their willing help in assembling and dismantling the tables, also, for their aid in umpiring the games. Their help made the task of Supervision much easier.

  • At the time of writing, the School table-tennis team, namely P. Smith (Capt), C. Dixon, R. Hoctor and P. Walker are about to play their first fixture in the M.S.S.F. Table-Tennis League. I am sure they will do their best against the many experienced teams in the League.

  • Finally I would like to extend my appreciation to Mr. Ricketts for his help in running the Club and organising school fixtures and to P. Walker and C. Dixon for their help in supervising the juniors. With such able persons interested in the Club's welfare it cannot fail to go from strength to strength next year.

  • Ian Briggs Club Secretary.



    Hockey Report

    Girls from most sections of the school have had matches against other teams in Malta A senior XI was formed with Maureen Jones as Captain. Second and Third year teams were also formed and they had matches against boys teams and is a new inovation against junior Maltese club teams. Some of the seniors have also played in mixed matches this year, although their best game was against the Minesweepers Wives before they left in December. Inter house hockey competitions have also been run throughout the school.

    The hockey season ended very successfully when Tal Handaq entered six teams in the Ladies Section of the Inter-Services six a side competition held at Corradino at Easier. To be congratulated are the Upper VI team who were only defeated once and  the Third year team, probably the youngest team in the Festival who played and won some skillful games of hockey. The Tal Handaq Associates warant a mentioon too as they did well to get to the final loosing there by only one goal.

    A successful season was had by all hockey players, and we hope that by encouraging the juniors who have done so well they will raise the standard further next year.



    Cross Country

    Once again, the school had a very successful cross-country season against, at times very stiff opposition.

    The first "race of the season was in a league of four races organised by Alpine S.C. We entered a team in all three age groups, and managed to finish 5th in the Juniors, 6th in the Seniors while the Under 17's won their section early. Outstanding for the Juniors were C. Thome, and Martin and Mark Hallam, while they were ably backed up by K. Moorcroft, P. Ratcliffe, M. Smith, and J. Wootan.

    The Youths proved themselves unbeatable from the very first race and went on to win convincingly. The team consisted of P. Ward, C. Beacom, M Jones, D. Pringle, C. Dixon, and J. Stackpoole, while D. Norris "guested" in one race.

    The Seniors, as expected found five miles a bit too much for them, and did not do so well, although there were good runs by R. Linsell and R. Perks,

    In between these races, the School entered two teams in the Annual Shuttle Road Relay Race at Ta' Xbiex. Against very strong opposition the 'A: team finished fourth, and the 'B' team ninth, out of thirteen teams.

    Once again in the Combined Secondary Schools Championships, we did very well, coming 5th in the Under 15's, and first in the Under 19's Exceptional in the Junior race were Martin and Mark Hallam, and A. Evans, while C Thorne, J. Wootan and P. Ratcliffe ran well. In the Under 19's race, P. Ward came 2nd, C. Beacom 4th, and R. Linsell 7th, while they were well backed up by R. Willett, R. Aldworth and D. Norris.

    Towards the end of the season we were invited to compete in a race against R.A.F. Cyprus, R.A.F. Malta (two teams), and the Army. In the extremely tough conditions, the race was five and a half miles long, we accounted very well for ourselves. The team consisted of P. Ward, C. Beacom, R. Aldworfh, R. Hoctor, R. Willett, E. Thompson and M. Jones.

    In the School Cross-Country finals, Hallam of St. Vincent won the Junior race, Thome of Nelson the Colts race, while the Senior final was won by Ward of St. Vincent.

    Finally I would like to extend thanks to Mr. Ricketts, without whose help we could not have had such a successful season.

    Full colours were won by P. Ward.

    Half Colours were won by C. Beacom, C. Dixon, M. Jones, J. Stackpoole,

    P. Ward.


    The Malta 1969 Open Orienteering Competition

    This was the first time that, under the organisation of two members of the Tal Handaq Staff and with the help of a few boys, a large scale orienteering competition was hold in Malta.

    The sport, which originated in the Scandinavian Countries has spread widely during the last few years and is now a popular attraction in many countries. It is an enjoyable sport for the competitors from whom it requires steady accuracy in map reading and judgement, and enough running ability to get round the course in a good time.

    This year several teams entered the competition including some from the services and Maltese Schools. The Tal Handaq team which consisted of R. Hoctor, D. Norris, E. Potts, and J. Woodhams won the team prize although the individual winner was J. Bowman of the 3rd Parachute Regiment.

    The course was made out, near Dingli where numerous points of differing values were scattered around the country. The aim was to achieve as many points as possible within the allowed time.

    The points gained by Tal Handaq competitors were as follows:
    R. Hoctor 155

    D. Norris 110

    E. Potts 170
    J. Woodhams 165

    House Orienteering Competition 1969

    On the 25th of January this year, the first House Orienteering Competition was held, and it proved to be a great success. It was a follow-up to last year's Outward Bound Competition, and all who took part enjoyed the experience.

    The course was based in the valley north of Rabat, and covered a total distance of about nine miles. It consisted mainly of minor roads and cart tracks, and was roughly circular in shape, starting and finishing at the same place which was a few hundred yards from Fort Bingemma. There were a total of seven checkpoints  situated at various points around the course

    The basic idea behind the orienteering was as follows. Four teams each consisting of four men were chosen, one team representing each house. Each man was given a map and a list of the map-references of each check point, which were-not set out in any order. On receiving this information at the start, each man planned his own individual course which he recto,.cd wa; the shortest an quickest route covering all the checkpoints. One man from each team was started off at ten minute intervals. The time taken and number of checkpoints covered by each man was recorded, and from this both individual and team positions worked out.

    The final results of the competition were as follows The individual winners were: First R. Hoctor, with a very good time, Second R. Ross, and Third E. Potts. The team, results were First Drake, consisting of R, Hoctor, C. Dixon and I). Norris, followed by Hawkins second. St. Vincent third, and finally Nelson.

    All who took part gratefully acknowledge the tremendous efforts of all the members of staff whose co-operation made the competition possible and were responsible for its success.




  • Results of the Inter-House Swimming Gala


    Under 12.5



    2nd. 3rd



    12 \ - 14





    S.Witherspoon F. Harrow

    S.Shaw S.Shaw

    St. V.     St. V.

    A.Mynott J. Archer






    C. Pollard C. Pollard



    P. Parkey S. Parker

    D. H.

    E. Fagin E. Fagin



    Freestyle Freestyle

    Over 151

    D. Roddy L. Gilbody St



    D. Dixon S. Aherne

    H. D.

    L. Gilbody St D. Roddy

    V. D.

    Breastroke Breastroke

    Backstroke (Open)

    E. Gibson E. Gibson

    r Ball


    . D.

    G. Hamley G. Hamley

    S. Freeman



    M. Jones St. S. Freeman

    J. Frapwell



    Under 14 Relay Over 14 Relay


    Under 14 Diving Over 14 Diving




    J. Powell St. J. Hurst


    V H.



    L. Bevan G. Hamiey




    D. D.


    V. Edwards L. Gilbody






    Best Girl Swimmer: G. HAMLEY, N.
    1st DRAKE 103 points

    2nd HAWKINGS 67 points

    3rd ST. VINCENT 59.5 points

    4th NELSON 34.5 points


    Best Boy Swimmer: P. KASLIK St. V.

    1st HAWKINS 91 points

    2nd DRAKE 63 points

    2nd ST. VINCENT 63 points

    4th NELSON 49 points


    Under 12.5




    Breaststroke Freestyle

    Roddy Roddy

    D. D.

    Viner Fellow



    Walker Bailey


    St. V.


    Breaststroke Freestyle

    Barclay Barclay


    D. D. D.




    N. : N.








    14 -15.5

    Breaststroke Freestyle

    Thompson Stackpoole


    St V.

    Stackpoole St. Buckley



    Moakes Moakes

    H. H.

    Over 15.5

    Breaststroke '





    St. V.


    Thompson Thompson



    Williams Williams

  • N

  • N

  • Backstroke (Open)




    N. .


    St V

    Under 14 Relay Over 14 Relay




    Under 14 Diving Over 14 Diving

    Spraison Kaslik


    St. V.

    Vyner McMillan

    H. H.

    Bryant Stackpoole

    N. St. V.



    1st DRAKE 166 points     2nd HAWKINS   158 points   3rd ST. VINCENT   122.5 points  4th NELSON 83.5 points



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