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We have had a most encouraging season, losing only a return match against the Naval Officers Wives, the score being 3-1. We had previously beaten them 4-2 and drawn with them 1-1. Other matches included one against the Commando Wives, which we won 2-1, and one against the ladies staff.

The team included the following girls: —Goal-keeper, Jocelyn Duke; Right Back, Elizabeth Reid; Left Back, Jennifer Bound; Right, Half, Pauline Bentley; Left Half, Vivien Ray; Centre Half, Pamela Main; Centre Forward, Elizabeth Roe; Right Inner, Margaret Stick-land; Left Inner, Sandra Hart; Right Wing, Linda Knapp (Captain); Left Wing, Wendy Morrell. Reserves: Christine Mullaley, Dawn Fear.

During the Easter Holidays, six girls were chosen from the 1st Eleven to play in a six-a-side tournament at Corradino .After winning the first two matches, beating the Naval Officers Wives 2-1, and the Falcon Wives 3-0, we entered the final; and won the tournament, beating the Manoel Island Wives 2-1.

The team was: Goal-keeper: Jocelyn Duke; Defences: Elizabeth Reid, Pauline Bentley; Forwards: Elizabeth Roe, Linda Knapp, Wendy Morrell.

Old Colours: Elizabeth Roe; Linda Knapp. New Colours; Wendy Morrell; Jennifer Bound; Elizabeth Reid.




Last summer the team started the season by playing the traditional first game against the parents with whom we drew. The team then went on to lose the other four matches played. Considering that the teams the school had to play were established teams, sometimes including Navy or Air Force players, the school did reasonably well. We had an outstanding Captain in R. Palmer who headed the bowling and batting averages; and also held most catches. Palmer, Merriman, Proudlove and Willman received their cricket colours. The other regular players were Robinson, Doyle, Eyett, Wells, Ellis and Shrosbee who was third In the bowling averages. Though the team had little success it was always amazingly optimistic, and finished the season in high spirits.




1st XI SOCCER 1959—60

Football colours were awarded to:—

J. Graham, T. Morris, M. Hay, B.W. Edwards, J. Merriman, R, Satterley, M McKenzie, T. Uran, S. Ellis, W. Willman R. Melton and D. Faukner.

Five matches were played against local schools to which two were won, two were lost and one drawn. The school team played well, perhaps better than last year's team but there is certainly room for improvement.

Edwards, in goal, showed good ball sense and was a safe keeper. Melton and Graham were steady backs. The former particularly showed improvement as the season progressed. Morris and Faulkner were steady at wing half and Morriman was outstanding at centre half.

Hay, McKenzie, Satterley, Uran. Ellis and Willman were the forwards. Uran had probably the higher degree of skill and MacKenzie was a very hard worker.



This season the School had three net-ball teams, a 1st Seven, a 2nd Seven, and an under 14 team.

1st. Seven: The 1st Seven had a very successful season, losing only one match against a W.R.A.F. touring team from Cyprus.

Results of other matches:—1st Seven, 18 goals — Staff. 6 goals; 1st Seven, 16 goals — W.R.N.S. 9 goals; 1st Seven, 13 goals -— W.R.N.S. 11 goals; 1st Seven, 7 goals — Sacred Heart Convent, 2 goals; 1st Seven, 22 goals — Falcon W.R.N.S., 11 goals

The team was; Centre: Linda Knapp (Captain), Centre Attack: Wendy Morrell, Centre Defence; Janet Layton, Shooter: Pauline Bentley, Attack: Jane Mary Masters, Goal-keeper: Pamela Main, Defence; Jean Layton, Reserve: Dawn Fear.

2nd Seven: The 2nd Seven had only two matches. They beat the Sacred Heart Convent 2nc Seven 8-3, and lost against the Ladies Staff 12-7.The team was:—Centre: Robina Halford, Centre Attack: Patricia Glover, Centre Defence: Vivien Ray (Captain), Shooter: Pat Howell, Attack; Carole Knight, Goal-keeper: Pat Roden, Defence; Anne Pullen, Reserve; Susan Masters.

Under 14 Team: The under 14 team had only one match against the Sacred Heart Convent, which they won 9-1. The team was:—  Centre: Susanne Hundley, Centre Attack: Susan Hess, Centre Defence: Hillary Dingwall, Shooter: Vivien Shepherd. Attack: Susan Plumpton; Goal-keeper: Lorna Green; Defence: Audrey Potts.

Old Colours: Jane Mary Masters. New Colours; Linda Knapp, Wendy Morrell, Jean Layton, Janet Layton.





3 Breaststroke — under I2£ —1st Anna Macdonald (W); 2nd. Rosemary Packer (W); 3rd Ann Walsh (N). 5. Breaststroke — 12J to 14 —1st Pamela Card (W); 2nd Margaret Mansell (8); 3rd Penny Woolcombe (D). 6 Breaststroke — 14 to 15J —1st Suzanne Trott (N); 2nd Lesley Pinnock .CD); 3rd Rita Phillips (N)8. Breaststroke — 15i and over —1st Linda Knapp (W); 2nd Joan Wotton (S); 3rd Jane Masters (N). 9. Diving — 14 and under —1st Marie Kaslik (D); 2nd Susan Masters (D); 3rd Vivien Shepherd (N);and Pat Ellis (S). 12. Freestyle — under 12J —1st Jennifer Clarke (W); 2nd Rosemary Packer (W); 3rd Peta Beale (D). 14. Freestyle — 12i to 14 —1st Margaret Mansell (S); 2nd Susan Masters (D); 3rd Valerie Sanderson (W). 15 Freestyle — 14 to 15J —1st Deidre Pike (S); 2nd Jane Barrick (W); 3rd Rita Phillips (N). 17. Freestyle — 154 and over —1st Jane Masters (N); 2nd Joyce Wheeler (N); 3rd Geraldine Knoller (S). 20 Diving — 14 and over —1st Jane Masters (N); 2nd Elizabeth Roe (S); 3rd Paula Blackburn (W). 21. Backstroke — under 12\ —1st Jennifer Clark (W); 2nd Christine Flack (S); 3rd Marie Kasllk (D). i'3. Backstroke — 12£ to 14 —1st Bernice .White (W); 2nd Margaret Mansell (S); 3rd Jennifer Moore (D). 25. Backstroke — 14 to 15i —1st Suzanne Tirott (N); 2nd Rita Phillips (N); 3rd Jocelyn Duke (S). 27. Backstroke 15J and over —1st Jane Masters (N); 2nd Jacqueline Williams (W); 3rd Pat Woolner (W). 29. Relay — Under 14 —1st White; 2nd Stevenson; 3rd Drake.


1. Breaststroke — under 12 J —1st Nicholls (S); 2nd Marsden (S); 3rd Ruoff (D). 2 Breaststroke — 12J to 14 —1st Carroll (D); 2nd Tirard (D); 3rd Preston (W). 4. Diving —• under 14 —1st Carroll (D); 2nd Feast (S); 3rd Johns (W). 7 Breaststroke — 14 to 15£ —1st Wilkinson (N); 2nd Graham (W); 3rd Elliott (N). 10. Breaststroke — 15J and over —1st Marsden (S); 2nd Downs (N); 3rd Hughes (N). 13. Freestyle — 12J to 14 —1st Preston (W); 2nd Tirard (D); 3rd Carroll (D). 16. Diving — 14 and over —1st Gilmour (S); 2nd Graham (W) and Wilkinson (N). 18. Freestyle — 14 to 15J —1st Wilkinson (N); 2nd Moorman (W); 3rd Knott (N). 19. Freestyle — 15J and over — 1st Merriman (N); 2nd Wood (S); 3rd Uran (S). 22. Backstroke — over 12J — 1st Marsden (S); 2nd Woolner (W); 3rd Trevithick (D). 24. Backstroke — 12J to 14 — 1st Gilmour (D); 2nd Preston (W); 3rd Christopher (D). 26. Backstroke — 14 to 15i — 1st Graham (W); 2nd Knott (N); 3rd Wilkinson (N). 28. Backstroke — 15J and over —1st. Wood (S); 2nd Merriman, (N); 3rd Guast (N). 30. Relay d under 14 — 1st Drake; 2nd White; 3rd Stevenson. 32. Relay — 14 and over — 1st Nelson; 2nd Stevenson; 3rd White.

  • Final Positions — 1st. Nelson 256 points  2nd White 252 points  3rd Stevenson 246 points  4th Drake 218 points




    Thousands of lives are lost annually by drowning. This total could be greatly reduced if more people were to practice the art of Life-Saving. In many cases where help has been at hand and persons have been brought ashore apparently drowned, they have subsequently died through lack of immediate treatment.

    Everyone should consider it his or her duty to learn to swim. The knowledge Is invaluable not only for preserving one's own life, but also for rendering assistance to those in danger of drowning. In particular, those living in Mediterranean areas, such as Malta, should take every advantage of their opportunities.

    Life-Saving falls under three main headings:—

    1) RELEASE The methods of release taught are not of course comprehensive, but form a basis for ready action to release oneself from the abnormally strong grip of a drowning person who is usually panic-stricken and therefore dangerous,

    (2) RESCUE There are five practical methods of carrying a person in the water, each of which depends on the state of the patient.

    (3) RESUSCITATION This procedure involves knowing how to apply artificial respiration in an effort to restore life, after the patient has been rescued. To become proficient in Life-Saving there are several awards to be gained, the first being the Elementary Certificate. The Royal LifeSaving Society publishes a hand-book, which contains valuable information on the subject.

    Take up Life-Saving, You will never regret it.



    Distinction Award: — Elizabeth Roe. Award of Merit: — Elizabeth Roe. Bronze Cross: — Deirdre Pike, Jacqueline Rixon, Elizabeth Roe, Joan Wotton. Bar to Bronze Medallion: — Elizabeth Roe.

    Bronze Medallion: — Rita Mays, Pauline Rutherford, Eve Priestley, Margaret Stickland, Lesley Leathers, Linda Knapp, Carol Matthews, Patricia Robbing, Jennifer Bound, Patricia Casey, Gaforlelle Cornelius, Vivienne Hunt, Joyce Wheeler, Glenys Metherall, Linda Goldsack, Helen Smith, Suzanne Trott, Diane Edgell, Wendy Morrell, Wendy Sturmey, Rita Phillips, Susan Cooper, Lesley Haesler, Patricia Jones, Elizabeth Noonan, Carol Knight, Lilian Flack, Charmaine Wood, Vivienne Ray.

    Intermediate Certificate: — Patricia Feherty, Marilyn Alvey, Maria Kaslik, Lorna Tierney, Rosemary Phillips, Ann Proctor, Gillian Le Gac, Susan Howell, Patricia Fryer, Shirley Sheldon, Susan Masters, Margaret Duguid, Christine Flack, Valerie Sanderson.






    1. 100 yds. 1st year 1st McDonald (12.8 sees.) (S); 2nd Smith (S) 3rd Griffin (D).
    2. 109 yds. 2nd year 1st Hughes (13.4 sees.) (N); 2nd Bond (N); 3rd Parker (W).
    3. 100 yds. 3rd year 1st McKee (12 sees.) (N); 2nd Ploughman (N) = Bowers (D).
    4. 100 yds. 4th year 1st Moorman (11.8 sees.) (W); 2nd Deacon (D); 3rdSteele (W).
    5. 10. 100 yds. 5, 6th year 1st Lawrence (11 sees.) (S); 2nd Helsby (W); 3rdSwan (D).
    6. *14. 220 yds. 2nd year 1st Hughes (30 sees.) (N); 2nd Day (S); 3rd Parker (W).
    1. 220 yds. 3rd year 1st Bowera (28 sees.) (D); 2nd Parker (S); 3nd Bartlett (W).
    2. 220 yds. 4th year 1st Steele (28.5 sees.) (W); 2nd Simms (D); 3rd Casey (S).
    3. 220 yds. 5, 6th year 1st Helsby (25 sees.) (W); 2nd Lawrence (S); 3rdTagliaferro (D).
    4.  220 yds. 1st year 1st McDonald (28 sees.) (S); 2nd Smith (S); 3rd Haddon (W).
    5. 23. Mile 4, 5, 6th year 1st Shepheard (5 min. 13i sees.) (W); 2nd Yeo (S); 3rdDowling (S).
    6. 24. 4 x 110 yds. 4th year 1st White (53.2 sees.); 2nd Drake; Stevenson.
    1. Obstacle, 1st year 1st Collick (S); 2nd Small (S); 3rd Tirrard (D).
    2. Obstacle 2nd year 1st Greenhalgh (S); 2nd Locke (S); Mason (N).
      *30. 440 yds. 2nd year. 1st Bond (68.6 sees.) (N); 2nd Connacher Turner (D).
    3.  31. 440 yds. 4th year 1st Faulkener (63.2 sees.) (W); 2nd Morris Melton (D).
    4.  440 yds. 5, 6th year 1st Swan (55.2 sees.) (D); 2nd Graham (S); 3rd Hoctor (W).
    5.  4 x 110 yds 1st year 1st Stevenson (58.6 sees.) 2nd Nelson; 3rd. Drake;4th White.
    6.  4 x 110 yds 2nd year 1st Nelson (59.6 sees.); 2nd White; ZM Stevenson;4th Drake.
    7.  4 x 110 yds. 5, 6th year 1st Drake; 2nd Stevenson; 3rd White; 4th Nelson.
    8. 880 yds 3rd year 1st Sheldon, (2 min. 35 secs.) (D); Witts (D).
    9. 42. 880 yds. 4th year 1st Yeo 2 min. 21 i secs.) (S); 2nd Adams (W); 3rdFaulkner (W).
    10. *43. 880 yds. 5, 6th year 1st Shepheard (2 mins. 17 sees.) (W); 2nd Tagliaferro (D);3rd Hoctor (W). *New Records


  • 1st White 199   2nd Stevenson 195   3rdDrake 160  4th Nelson 151

  • As can be seen from the results the high standard set up In past School Sports was maintained. New records were set up in several track and field events.

    A new award was introduced this year, a cup was presented for the best effort of the afternoon. This was awarded to SHEPHEARD for his spirit in winning the mile and 880 yards. The next best best performance was by SWAN who won the senior 440 yards.

    The high and long jump events were not held this year as sand for the pits has not been forthcoming. It is interesting to note that, without practice, at the M.A.A.A. meeting MERRIMAN jumped 20ft. l0ins. in the long jump and GRAHAM 5ft. Sins, in the high jump,


    1. 75 yds. 1st Year. — 1st. S. Hodgson (11.5 sees.) (N). 2nd J. Tinson (W). 3rd.W. Frow (S)
    2. 80 yds. 2nd Year. — 1st S. Howell (11 sees.) (N). 2nd H. Dingwall (W). 3rd J. Hart (W)
    3. 100 yds. 3rd. Year. — 1st V. Shepherd (13 sees.) (N) 2nd S. Frow (S1), 3rdJ. Tonna (S).
    4. 100 yds. 4th Year. — 1st W. Morrell (13.0 sees.) (S). 2nd M. Swan (W). 3rdC. Moore (D).
    5. 100 yds. 5, 6th Year — 1st H. Coombe (12.4 sees.) (N). 2nd J. Sanderson (N). 3rd E. Roe (S).
    6. 4 x 110 yds. 1st Year. — 1st. Nelson (1 min. 19 sees.). 2nd Drake. 3rdStevenson. 4th White.
    7. 4 x 110 yds. 2nd Year. — 1st Stevenson 031 sees.). 2nd White. 3rd Nelson
    8. 4 x 100 yds. 3rd Year. — 1st Stevenson (61 sees.). 2nd White. 3rd Nelson  4th Drake. 

      220 yds 4th Year. - 1st W.Morrell (27.5 secs). 2nd M Swan . 3rd D Edgell 220 yds. 5, 6th Year. _ 1st H. Coombe (28.4 sees.) (N). 2nd E. Roe (S). 3rdS. Hart (D). 220 yds. 3rd Year. — 1st V. Shepheard (31 sees.) (N). 2nd J. Tonna (S).3rd S. Frow (S). *22. 150 yds. 2nd Year. — 1st S. Howell (18.4 sees.) (N). 2nd D. McCarthy (N). 3rd H. Dingwall (W).           Obstacle. 1st Year. — 1st P. Wilson (N). 2nd J. Rushworth (D). 3rd L. Moore Obstacle. 2nd Year. — 1st C. Henderson (D). 2nd S. Marshall (N). 3rd E.Covington (D).

    9. Obstacle. 3rd Year.1st K. Hines (N). 2nd S. Miles (W). 3rd D. Wye (S).4 x 110 yds. 4th Year. — 1st Drake (58 sees.). 2nd Stevenson 3rd Nelson.4 x 110 yds. 5, 6th Year. — 1st Nelson, 2nd Drake, 3rd White, 4th Stevenson.4th White.
      * New records.              

    Final position — Girls  1st Nelson 204.5  2nd Stevenson 196.5 3rd White 150. 4th Drake 137.


    1st YEAR Cricket Ball 1st. Evans (151 ft.) (W) 2nd. McDonald (S) 3rd. Findlay (N)

    2nd YEAR Cricket Ball 1st. Hughes (155 ft. 6 ins.) (N) 2nd. Day (S) 3rd Parker (W)

  • 3rd YEAR Shot 1st. Maddison (27 ft. 1 ins.) (W) 2nd Williams (S) 3rd Plowman (N) Discus 1st. Mckee (105 ft. 7 ins) (N) 2nd Turner (W) 3rd Maddison (W) Javelin 1st Gilchrist (104 ft. 5 ins) (N) 2nd Turner (W) 3rd Lock (S)

  • 4th YEAR Shot 1st -Casey (35 ft. 2 ins.) (S) 2nd Edwards (W) 3rd Moorman (W) Discus 1st Moorman (100 ft. 1 ins.) (W) 2nd Simms (D) 3rd Casey (S) Javelin 1st Simms (112 ft. 11 ins.) (D) 2nd Edwards (W) 3rd Melton (D)

  • 5th YEAR Shot 1st Bond (38 ft. 5J ins.) (D) 2nd Uran (S) 3rd Ledsham (N) Discus 1st. Taylor (100 ft, 1£ ins.) (N) 2nd Swan (D) 3rd Greig (D) Javelin 1st Willman (135 ft. 8 ins.) (N) 2nd Bond (D) 3rd Swan (D)




    1st YEAR High Jump 1st A. Witherspoon (3 ft. 11 ins.) (D) 2nd. N. Clarke (W) 3rd. J. Peters (D) *Broad Jump 1st C. Kirktay (6 ft. 6 ins.) (N) 2nd M. Henderson (N) 3rd J. Peters (D) Cricket Ball 1st H. Birrell (100 ft. 3 ins.) (S) 2nd M. Henderson (N) 3rd A. Edwards (S)

    2nd. YEAR High Jump 1st D. McCarthy (4 ft, 1 ins.) (N) 2nd. C. Flack (S) 3rd W.Robinson (S) *Long Jump 1st C. Spence (13 ft. 5 ins.) (D) 2nd. S. Howell (N) 3rd S.Plumpton (N)Cricket Ball 1st S. Plumpton (115 ft. 9 ins.) (N) 2nd. H. Dingwall (W) 3rd. L, Green (S)

    3rd YEAR High Jump 1st S. Hesse (4 ft. 2 ins.) (N) 2nd F. Hannant (S) 3rd J. Colley (S) Long Jump 1st V. Shepherd (14 ft. 5 ins.) (N) 2nd F. Edmunds (W) 3rd V.McKenzie (W)Discus 1st S. Frow (52 ft. 11 ins) (S) 2nd V. Sanderson (W) 3rd V. Shepherd (N) *Javelin 1st J. Tonna (53 ft. 6 ins.) (S) 2nd S. Hesse (N) 3rd G. Wheatman (W)

    4th YEAR High Jump 1st O. Burn (4 ft. 4 ins.) (S) 2nd J. Merriman (N) 3rd S. McCauley (D) *Long Jump 1st W. Morrell (14 ft. 8i ins) (S) 2nd M. Swann (W) 3rd O. Burn (S) *Discus 1st L. Skilton (79 ft. 8i ins) (D) 2nd C. Graham (D) 3rd C. Westwood (W) Javelin 1st W. Morrell (52 ft. 5i ins) (S) 2nd L. Skilton (D) 3rd P. Holness (W)

    5th & 6th YEAR High Jump 1st L. Knapp (4 ft. 7 ins.) (W) .2nd P. Main (W) 3rd D. Coleman (S) *Long Jump 1st L. Knapp (15 ft. 8 ins.) (W) 2nd E. Roe (S) 3rd. H. Coombe (N) *Discus 1st E. Roe (94 ft. 1|- ins.) (Q) 2nd P. McDonough (N) 3rd V. Ray (N> Javelin 1st J. Bound (S'O ft, 10 ins.) 2nd L. Knapp (W) 3rd J. Masters (N)

    *New records



  • The Inter School Sports held at Ta' Kali on Wednesday, 25 May developed into a close tussle for the Championship between St. Edwards and our team. Thanks to some good all round team work we were victorious. In all ten schools took part.

    SENIOR TEAM. HOCTOR won the first event 800 yards and came 2nd in the 440 yards. These were both meritous performances but this boy is capable of much better times. More activity in the winter months would give him the stamina and make the difference between good and outstanding. LAWRENCE, the team captain, was 2nd in the 100 yards and 3rd in the 220 yards. Whilst he showed very good running form, the fatal error of looking back in the 220 yards cost him the race. SHEPHEARD was 4th in the mile, a disappointment after his outstanding runs in the School Sports. SWAN was 2nd in the javelin and 1st in the 440 yards. His fighting spirit in the 440 yards was an inspiration to the the other runners. YEO ran a good race to finish 2nd in the 880 yards. TAYLOR was 4th in the discus, and BOND was 2nd in the shot. MERRIMAN was 1st in the long jump and is capable of becoming a first class jumper. GRAHAM won the high jump easily. The relay team SWAN, GRAHAM, LAWRENCE and HELSBY were second.

    JUNIOR TEAM. The outstanding performer of the afternoon was undoubtedly MOORMAN. He was 1st and in the l00 yards and 220 yards, 2nd in the discus and shot, and 3rd in the highjump. Well done! GILCHRIST won the javelin and displayed good technique. McDONALD ran well and was 2nd in the 100 yards and 220 yards. MELTON was 3rd in the 440 yards. The relay team DEACON, MELTON, McKEE and MOORMAN ran excellently, their take overs were first class and they finished first.

    New records were set up by:—GILCHRIST (J) Javelin HOCTOR (S) 830 yards GRAHAM (S) High Jump.

    The Senior team were placed second. The Junior team won in their group. Royal Naval School won the Championship.




    The Malta Amateur Athletic Championships were held on Sunday, 24th April, at Ta' Kali. We entered a team in the Junior events i.e. under 19 years, and enjoyed a full measure of sneers.

    In the track events I. HELSBY was first. J. LAWRENCE second in the 100 yards. The time 10.3 seconds was commendable. The 220 yds. was won by J. SWAN with J. GRAHAM third. The 440 yds. was won by B. HOCTOR. P. SHEPHEARD was third in the one mile. Our relay teams, the 4 x 100 yds. and the mile medley won their events very easily.

    In the field events J. GRAHAM won the High Jump with a leap of 5 ft. 4 ins. and J. MERRMAN won the Long Jump with a new championship record of 20 f t 11 ins., a very good effort indeed. J. SWAN won the javelin and M. BOND was second. M. BOND was also second in the shot putt. G. TAYLOR won the; discus.

    These boys fully deserved their successes for the hard work they put Into training both before and during the Easter holiday. They showed good sportsmanship both en and off the track and were a credit to the school. Well done.



    The Malta Cross Country races for Seniors and Juniors i.e. under 19 years old, were held at Safi on Saturday 5th March.

    The Royal Naval School entered two teams. The "A" team came second in the team event. M. YEO was the first boy from School in and he finished second. It was a most exciting finish. About 100 yds. from the finishing line he was about 20 yds. behind the leader. He then made a terrific burst out and got within inches of the leader but unfortunately he'd left his effort a couple of strides too late. Had the race been 2 or three yds. further he would undoubtedly have won.

    The next runners in to count in the "A" team were R. MELTON (8th), B. HOCTOR (llth), and J. MERRlMAN (13th).

    In the "B" team were included 4 runners under 15 years old. Of these D. JOHNS was outstanding, he finished 9th. The rest of this team to score were K. DOWLING (19th), W. SHELDON (21st), and J. MELTON (23rd).




    Last year eighteen boys successfully completed the 1st series and gained the Bronze award. Of these B Fuller, J. Finch and A. Graham, are still with us and are attempting the 2nd stage, the silver award. The standard at this level is quite high and these boys have some hard work in front of them if they are to be successful.

    A further fifteen boys are attempting the 1st series. They will have to

    1. gain the bronze medallion of the Royal Life Saving Society.
    2. attain a standard of proficiency in various athletic activities.
    3. carry out an expedition on the island. In 24 hrs. they must walk 15
      miles, cook their meals, camp efficiently and carry out some pre-arranged task.
    4. show that they have had a hobby for at least six months.

    I hope that the effort and thought that must go into their endeavours will also bring a sense of satisfaction and well being. A feeling that what they are doing is worth while. They have accepted a challenge and I wish them all success as they meet it.




    At the beginning of the Autumn Term, six of us were introduced into the world of sailing. Within a few weeks we had all passed our sailing tests qualifying us to act as helmsmen in 14 foot Royal Naval Dinghies.

    Just before Christmas, we were let loose in a sailing whaler, which, having three sails, was rather more difficult to control. But after a few trivial incidents, including sailing backwards through a bridge, attempting to sail underneath the anchor chain of H.M.S. Striker, not to mention one member's remarkable keenness for winter swimming, we eventually succeeded in controlling the boat.

    During a week of bad weather it was suggested that we should go to Fort St. Angelo and do some work on the boats. We were not sure what to expect so we went down there with open minds. We were split up into pairs and each pair was taken to a different part of the fort. Two of us worked on the 30 sq. metre yacht "Angela", preparing her for repainting. Another pair made eyesplices, (similar to the legendary ones tied by the fourth form in 1958, taking a whole year to do so.) The third pair joined up with the crew of a duty boat and spent a leisurely afternoon, although the coxswain had a few awkward moments while they were at the wheel.

    Last term it was decided that two members of the party ought to pass their time more profitably by training for athletics, This left an incomplete whaler crew which was made up by inviting three girls. So for our entertainment, lasting two happy and eventful weeks, we, the boys who were left, spent our time trying to train the girls to be "sailors". (It might be added that by way of demonstration, two boys displayed their sailing prowess by sailing under a very low bridge in a 10 foot dinghy with the mast rather higher than the bridge!) It need hardly be said that the comment in brackets was added by one of those girls.

    Lately we have been sailing dinghies from St. Angelo in races organised by the "Royal Malta Yacht Club", and have already won a cup and gained a number of good positions.

    All the sailing has been made possible by Instructor Lieutenant Commander Law and we all wish to thank him for his interest in our sailing, also Lieutenant Commander Murray who tested us and the Boat Officer, Lieutenant Dobson, and his boat party, who have made boats available for us,

    "The Sailors": —






    Drake this year lost the football shield and ended up a disastrous season with a total of 9 points.

    The Seniors were defeated four times, but their two victims were Nelson, the subsequent champions, and White, who had six school representatives in their team.

    One very bad trait which seemed to develop this season, particularly among the Juniors, was that of not turning up, and despite a team's lowly performances it is all the more galling to 'be beaten because three or four reserves must play. Let us have no more of this and perhaps Drake will again become a footballing force.

    Drake's teams this year were lacking In the stars of former seasons, of the seniors Mackenzie played for the school, and Orleg, Robinson, Melton, and Simms all played consistently well. The second and third form had two of the best Junior players in the school, in Bowers and Fitzgerald, both excellent footballers. In the Juniors Northover, in defence, and Edgell in attack, tried hard but they just couldn't pull it off. Let it be hoped that Drake's performance next year is much better, as a House with such a strong footballing tradition must not finish bottom for two consecutive seasons.

    CROSS COUNTRY 1959-60

    Drake's aggregate position this year was second, one place better than the previous year. Our major achievement was in the under 15 race where we crushed White 'by the sizeable margin of 26 points, all of our six runners to count, coming in the first 1:2, a very creditable performance.

    However, the Seniors effort was truly pathetic, we came last by 25 points. This performance can partly, but only partly, be attributed to lack of talent, the reason in the majority of cases being lack of training, and I feel sure that had the Seniors trained as conscientiously as the Juniors their position would have improved considerably. The 1st form were on the whole keen and turned up regularly for practices, despite some grumbling. However, they all ran to the best of their ability and thsir fighting spirit after the Seniors debacle was a joy to watch. Outstanding Individual placings were Tagliaferro 10th in the Senior Cross Country, Melton, Sheldon, Whitts, Browning, Teague and Bowers, 2nd., 3rd., 4th., 7th., 9th. and 12th. respectively in the Under 15's, and Standen and Whyles 5th and 7th in the first year Cross Country. Drake can look forward to a good Cross Country season this year, if only the Seniors will train, and do both Drake and themselves justice.

    (N.B. Having seen neither Cricket, Athletics or Swimming in 1959 my observations must be short and judged from results).

    CRICKET 1958-59

    Despite Stephenson's brilliant prediction that they would again win the Crcket Drake confounded the expert, by finishing on top. Judging by performances the best Senior performers seem to have been Palmer, Held and Robinson as bowlers, with Palmer and Reid as leading batsmen. The Juniors best performers seem to have been the younger boys,, with Carrol, Honey and Simms as bowlers, and Bowes as batsmen.

    As only Palmer and Reid, of these players have left us it seems that Drake must stand a reasonable chance of retaining the Cricket title.

    ATHLETICS 1058-59

    Drake was on the whole third but some reasonable performances were achieved, the main failure being the second string who was too often placed last.

    The Juniors did very badly in the field events, Indeed, of the 2.1 events Drake had three first places, Jacques in the 3rd Year Long Jump, Palmer in the 5th and 6th Form Long Jump, and Knight in the Senior Discus.

    The Track Events were again very poorly contested by the Juniors but Drake managed to gain 6 first places out of 28, Christopher first in the 2nd Year 100 yds., Keefe first in the 1st Year 2:20 yds., Ruoff first in the 1st Year Obstacle, Bowers first in the 2nd Year 440 yds., and Palmer winner of the 880 yds., and the 1 Mila. Therefore this year to bend our backs and pull Drake into a position worthy of its great traditions should be everyone's aim.


    Not much can be said about the Swimming as Drake came last. Our strongest section seems to have been in the Under 14's, where Carrol gained victories in the Breaststroke and Diving, combined with a third in the Freestyle. In this section Drake also won the relay race beating the Champion House Nelson, and also Stephenson's famous "Water Babies". This year perhaps with a bit of cooperation and training we can lift Drake's anchor and escape from "Davy Jones Locker."

    JOHN M,F. SWAN, 6G





    Drake Seniors, once again failed miserably in their attempts to win the Hockey Shield. They lost every one of their matches, and lost them with alarming results. The main fault was lack of interest. Three members of the Hockey Team were missing when we played White, and as a result we lost the match.

    The forward-line was not as strong as it could have been. Goalkeeper not up to standard. These were the main faults, which helped us to lose many vital matches.


    Drake Juniors did not play all their matches, owing to the hockey pitch being converted into a running track. However, they played one match against-Stephenson, and played very well.

    They played very much as a team and were on the attack all the time.-

    Well done Juniors!

    Most promising players, both in Senior and Junior Hockey Teams are: — Diane Edgell, (a very willing and co-operative girl, who plays well in everything she enters for) Sandra Hart and Barbara Fisher.

    Centre; Margaret Strickland  Cheryl Akers
    Centre Half: Barbara Fisher Ann Collis
    Right Half: Margaret Blundell  Joan Grimshaw
    Left Half: Susan Masters Susan Cooper
    Right Inner: Patricia Glover  Cathyrn Rowe
    Left Inner:  Sandra Hart  Suzanne Hundley
    Right Wing: Diane Edgell  Christine Henderson
    Left Wing: Wendy Slader Marjorie Joy
    Right Back: Christine Rees Ann Witherspoon
    Left Back; Ann Cartwright  Vivien Hill
    Goalkeeper; Carole Grahame Shirley Miller



    Once again, very poor play from the Seniors, especially fifth and sixth years. We lost every one of our matches.

    Three of our best players were absent for two matches and one girl played without P.T. kit.

    The most outstanding match was against Stevenson.

    The main faults were careless passing and footwork.

    Most promising players are:— Christine Whiting, Linda Skilton.


    Drake Juniors in spite of losing two of their three matches, played very well, and very much as a team.

    Their passing was a little erratic, but they stuck to their opponents like glue. Kathyrn Rowe, one of the most promising Netball players was the backbone of the team. Other good players are:— Ann Kidd and Suzanne Hundley, who is an excellent shooter.


    Goalkeeper: Margaret Blundell Shirley Miller
    Defence:  Christine Whiting Ann Kidd
    Centre Defence: Linda Skilton Janthia Casey
    Centre; Sandra Hart Kathryn Rowe
     Attack; Patricia Glover Suzanne Hundley
    Centre Attack:   Barbara Fisher Jane Wilkinson
       Christine Moor Ann Collis

                                                                                   SWIMMING SPORTS

    Even though Drake came fourth, we had two very commendable swimmers and divers, namely, Marie Kaslik and Susan Masters. Both did credit to their house.


    Drake did very badly also in last year's sports. We did however, have one Or two outstanding athletes, namely, Leslie Pinnock and Christine Collins.

    I sincerely hope they do much better this year. If not, then they can be sure that they will once again retain their permanent position as the bottom House in the School.

    Drake, there is MUCH more room for improvement!

    Most promising all round athletes are:—

    Kathyrn Rowe 1AG Linda Skilton 4 AM. Diane Edgell 4 AG.


    This year's results speak lor themselves and the cause was solely due to the lack of co-opsration, effort and enthusiasm. Drake as a whole is satisfied with far too low a standard.

    At Christmas Drake won the "Work Shield", but at Easter lost it. Thus undoing all the good already done.

    I can only hope that Drake will improve her standard BEFORE it is too late.

    Games Captain; PATRICIA GLOVER



                             NELSON HOUSE-BOYS

    CRICKET 1959

    This season Nelson were very near to capturing the Cricket Shield, but unfortunately two matches failed to incur wins and the House had to be satisfied with a second place. Most of the credit for the good position achieved by the House was undoubtedly due to the Senior team who won every match.

    FOOTBALL 1959-63

    This season Nelson took the Cup from Drake, the holders of the Cup for the last four years. The House won due to all round successes by the three teams, and especially the second and third years and fourth, fifth and sixth year teams who conceded only three points out of a possible twelve. The reason for the victory was the keenness with which the team played, and the regularity with victory was the keenness with which the team played, and the regularity with men short or men arriving late. All those who played in any of these matches may well be proud of their victory.

    SWIMMING 1959

    Nelson again won the swimming this year and I feel it would be unfair to single out any one person, as the win was due to team work, and a genuine will to win. In swimming this year Nelson approached the event with slightly too much confidence and it is hoped that this year the House will realise that the trophies which we have won can only be held by practice and that will to win which I am glad to say the House has, but I hope their victories will not cause a slackening of practice.


    Nelson House has inherited the fear of Cross Country, out of a possible sixty candidates it was this year's battle to produce thirty two and almost a physical impossibility to encourage more than twenty of these to practice. The course is approximately 3i miles long, but iNelson must realise that it is run once a year and that they must fight to pull themselves out of third place which they seem to have held since time began. What is required is practice rather that the will to complete the course, this year Nelson had two or three runners in the first ten whilst the rest ambled round enjoying the sun and countryside, this will not do next year!


    Where Nelson has failed in sport it has more than adequately succeeded in the most important part of school life, for already in this school Nelson has won the Shield for the highest points in work twice, once outright in the winter term and once by drawing equal with Stephenson. This is a very good achievement and I hope that the end of this term brings the "hat trick".



                            NELSON HOUSE-GIRLS

    HOCKEY (Senior)

    For yet another year Nelson has failed to regain the Hockey Shield, but this was not due to bad play. The Seniors played an outstanding match against White, and really played as a team. Our defence was very strong but the forwards could have had more practice at shooting. The halves also played very well.

    The Senior consisted of:—

    Goalkeeper: P. Rutherford Centre Forward: W. Roden

    Right Back: C. Mullaley Right Inner: P. Roden

    Left Back; J.M. Masters Left inner: C. Knight

    Right Half: V. Ray Right Wing; H. Smith

    Centre Half: E. Finlay Left Wing: L. Leathers
    Left Half: H. Coombe

    HOCKEY (Junior)

    Owing to lack oi time the Juniors did not have a chance to play any matches, tout there were a few practices where some promise was shown. The first years are all very keen to learn the rules of hockey, so next season we hope they will be able to play well for Nelson.

    The Junior team consisted of:—•

    Goalkeeper: M. Henderson Centre Forward: V. Shepherd

    Right Back: L. Finney Right Inner: P. McCarthy

    Left Back: V. Simmons Left Inner:

    Right Half: L. Moore Right Wing: 8. Hesse

    Centre Half: S. Rayson Left Wing: K. Hines

    Left Half: A. Riches


    The Senior team played reasonably well but we have still not sprung enough to beat White. The Junior team shooting was very poor and this was mainly due to the lack of shooting practice. Great credit must be given to C. KIRKBY, a first year, who has always tried very hard for her House.

    The two teams were:—

    Centre: Pat Howe Carol Kirkby
    Centre Attack; Wendy Roden Pamela Selman
    Centre Defence: Lesley Leathers  Susan Hesse
    Attack: Jane-Mary Masters

    Amanda Beale

    Goal Shooter: Carol Knight

    Vivien Shepherd

    Defence: Vivien Ray Judith Roach
    Goal Defence: Pat Roden Kathleen Hines


    If more practice and care had been taken over the shooting we might have been successful, and until the final results our position was second.


    Although we had lost many of our Senior tennis players during last year, we still had a number of 5th and 6th formers, whose play was of a fair standard. Unfortunately however, because we had no outstanding ability, our tennis six was not strong enough to take us to victory. Two competitions were held, and in both our final position was third.


    The swimming gala was held towards the end of the Summer Term. Perhaps it was for this reason that abilities of the Nelson competitors were outstanding. There was some brilliant diving by JANE-MARY MASTERS, and the general enthusiasm of the House was most encouraging. In the final aggregate Nelson girls and boys won the Swimming Cup.

    We hope that this year our team will be equally successful.

    In general, more enthusiasm has been shown from the Senior section of the House this year. Everyone has been most co-operative and there has always been a good attendance for team practices and matches at Manoel Island.

    The Juniors, however, have shown less interest, mainly I think because of their lack of sporting ability and experience.

    However, perhaps their energies have been directed towards their school work, for Nelson tied with Stephenson, in obtaining the Merit Shield at the end of the Spring Term.

    GAMES CAPTAIN  Jane-Mary Masters

    HOUSE CAPTAIN    Vivien Ray.




    Stephenson once more earned for themselves the coveted position of being well and truly last. However this year it was not due to the lack of training, since each team stayed behind for practice at least once a week. The seniors put up a creditable performance in coming 2nd to the 'White Champions. Notable runners in the seniors were Yeo and Dowllng. The under 15 year team was as usual unsatisfactory in coming 3rd. The greatest disappointment was the 1st year who kindly occupied the last position by about a 100 points. Stephenson must buck their ideas up in this event.


    This was an average season for Stephenson, the seniors and 1st year played well, except for a lack of keenness in the 2nd and 3rd years started to help Stephenson instead of being the weak link as they are at the moment. The 1st year had a very prosperous season in tying with Nelson for 1st place. The seniors did quite well in coming 2nd to Nelson Champions. Also this year we had two well-deserved victories over our old rivals Drake, beating them 1-0 and 2-1. Thus with a little more effort and determination we should improve next year.


    This season there was a great contest between three of the Houses namely Stephenson, Nelson and Drake. However on the 2nd last match of the season Stephenson 1st year lost to Drake and thus lost our chance of retaining the Cricket Shield. Our final position was second. From the seniors point of view this was rather an unsuccessful season, winning only one match against the "rock bottom" White. Outstanding in the seniors were Proudlove and Eyett. The juniors played reasonably well throughout the season.


    You might think that Stephenson are all "land lubbers" by the performance they gave in the swimming sports, However we did have a few individuals who helped to maintain the prestige of the famous Stephenson. Swimmers worthy of mentioning are Wilkinson, who won the junior diving. M!arsden and in the seniors Uran and Wood. Our position at the end of the day was 3rd. Let us hope that there will be a hot summer this year in order to entice our "water-babies" to the water and to improve our position.


    I will end my report in a somewhat happier note, Stephenson completely dominated the Athletics both in track and Held events, winning by a margin of over 100 points. This was indeed an excellent performance and again showed the spirit of the undaunted Stephenson house. The most successful athlete:S were 1st year, Purdue, 2nd year, Flanagan, 3rd year Purdue and Casey, 4th year Stanley and Morris and Seniors Uran, Graham and Lawrence. Several athletes represented the school athletes team namely, Uran, Morris, Stoney, Graham and Lawrence.

    This being my last term at school and consequently the termination of my position as House Captain, I would like to take this opportunity to thank all those in the house who have often helped 'Stephenson to surpass the other houses. I have enjoyed my two years as Captain, even though at times my hair would just about turn grey due to the associate worries, and I would like to wish my successor all the best with his captaincy of such a great house.

    Good luck Stephenson,





    Throughout the last school year in Stevenson House the 1st and 2nd years showed the most enthusiasm where games were concerned. Attendances at Manoel Island were not always satisfactory. It is hoped that during the next school year Stephenson will do its utmost to raise its present standards even higher. Before continuing with the House Notes I would just like to thank the House Mistresses for their support throughout the year, and also the House Captain Helen Finnic.

    TENNIS — 1953

    During the tennis season two tournaments were held in which three couples from each house competed against each other. Stephenson was placed first in both tournaments. Everyone tried hard and team spirit was upheld throughout. Congratulations to all concerned.

    The representatives for Stephenson were:^

    1st Couple — Wendy Morrel and Olwyn Burn 2nd Couple — Helen Finnie and Maureen Layton 3rd Couple — Elizabeth Reid and Elizabeth Roe.

    NET BALL — 1959-60

    The junior teams played very well this season winning all their matches, but needless to say there is still room for improvement particularly in passing.

    The senior team did not do very well losing two out of three games to White and Nelspn but good sportsmanship was shown throughout.

    The teams consisted of:—.

    Centre: J. Vaughcox

    E. Roe

    Centre Attack: H. Birrel

    H. Finnie

    Centre Defence: M. Cleaver O. Burn
    Shooter: S. Frow A. Moore
    Attack: W. Frow W. Morrel
    Goalkeper: L. Green

    J. Bound

    Defence: L. Tierney D. Fear


    Throughout the Christmas term a continuous inter-house shooting competition was held. Two girls from each, year were chosen to represent each house. There was much competition amongst the 1st and 2nd year, but little amongst the 3rd, 4th, 5th, and 6th year. The final scoring placed Stephenson 3rd but it is hoped that next year we will do better with more practice.

    The representatives for Stephenson were:— 1st year — Wendy and Heather Birrel 2nd year — Meryl Tammage and Lorna Tiei ney 3rd year — Sally Frow and Felicity Hannant 4th year — Ann Moore and Wendy Morrel 5th year — Elizabeth Reid and Shirley Stevens 6th year — Helen Finnie and Elizabeth Roe.

    HOCKEY — 1959-60

    The junior team were not very successful this year, losing their one and only game to Drake. This was partly due to the fact that three members of the team were absent. During practices the forward line kept up reasonably well, but they did not follow the ball up. The backs tried hard to defend and with more practice could do well.

    The seniors lost their match against White. Nevertheless, with only eight players, due to the fact that three people failed to turn up, they put up a jolly good fight losing by only 2-1. They won their other two matches against Drake and Nelson.

    The teams consisted of: —



    Goalkeper: J. Gisborn J. Duke
    Right Back: M. Cleaver J. Bound
    Left Back:  L. Green E. Reid
    Right Half:  A. Rowberry  Y. Northmore
    Left Half: M. Harrison M. Layton
    Centre Half: M. Thorpy S. Stevens
    Centre Forward: S. Frow E. Roe
    Right Inner.  L. Tierney C. Mathews
    Left Inner: W. Frow D. Fear
    Right Wing; J. Vaughan-Cox W. Morrel

    Left Wing

    H. Birrel

    S. Cooper

    SWIMMING — 1959

    The results of (the combined efforts of boys and girls placed Stephenson 3rd with 246J points, 10 points behind the winning house. The standard of swimming was not particularly high, so with plenty of room for improvement it is well within our power to win the swimming sports this year.

    Elizabeth Roe — Games Captain.




    The House has been very fortunate this year In obtaining several new house masters. Prominent among them are Mr. Patrick who looks after the Athletics side of the house, and Mr. Nice who has helped us in finding the junior 1st and 2nd year teams.


    Congratulations to Nelson House on their victory.

    This season was a great improvement upon last year, where the House scored 3 points out of a possible 36. The seniors were strengthened by the addition of Hay, Satterley, and Melton to the team, these three excelling themselves. Also the House was fortunate in obtaining another goalkeeper, Edwards, thus allowing Faulkener our veteran goalkeeper to play on the field.

    The first year we did well, being captained by Johnson, who led his team to victory more times than the seniors. The intermediate team played well, under the captaincy of Peacock, who was aided by Parker.

    The House as a whole came third in the table, the second house, Stephenson, beating us by 1 point.


    Once again White House carried off the shield. This, by my predecessors j working, is the 6th time in successive years that we have done so.

    There was no lack of enthusiasm and those who did well, did well by sheer j determination and not, I think, skill.

    In the seniors, Adams won, with Faulkener, Shepherd (2nd), Hoctor and  Bowes not far behind. Moorman also ran well for the intermediates, Johns winning. These people giving us an easy victory in the Senior section.

    The 1st year as usual supported the house well in this event, with Johnson coming in 1st, and Turner, Ballard, and Bettinger in the first six.

    Congratulations to all who took part.


    The House has started off well by taking the lead in the field events. The I Seniors seemed sadly lacking in ability for iField Events, but the juniors ma-j naged to pull the house to the top. If we continue to do as well on Sports Day. ] I think we should take the Athletics Shield.




    Through good athletic ability and marked enthusiasm the girls of White House proved themselves worthy victors in every event except Tennis where they were placed second to Stephenson. Therefore, of the three shields awarded] to the girls of the outstanding House in Hockey, Netball and Tennis, I would the coveted awards: the Hockey and Netball shields.


    Working as a combined force our senior team broke down both the attack and defensive barriers of their opponents on almost every occasion and won


    through to absolute victory. Nevertheless, it was not without much effort and determination, especially in our matches against Nelson and Stephenson, that the final result was achieved: these being: —

    1st White 6 points 18 goals  2nd Stephenson 4 points 4 goals  3rd Nelson 2 points 5 goals  4th Drake 0 points 0 goals

    The Juniors were unable to complete the tournament because of the conversion of the pitch at Manoel Island.



    Goalkeeper: Marianne Tottman Right Back: Anne Pullen Left Back: Christine Strickland Right Half: Pauline Bentley Centre Half: Pamela Main Left Half: Robina Halford Right Inside: Sheena Hinds Left Inside: Janet Lay ton Centre Forward: Linda Knapp (Capt.) Rijht Wing: Wendy Cox Left W'ing: Gillian McCarthy Reserves: .Susan Lamerton, Patricia Woolner


    Goalkeeper: Lynn Jones Right Back.- Lynn Kelson Left Back: Angela Pacey Right Half: Susan McCarthy Centre Half: Shirley Sheldon Left Half: Carole Coombe Right Inside: Pamela Gard (Capt.) Left Inside: Vicki Mackenzie Centre Forward: Valerie Sanderson Right Wing: Sheila Miles Left Wing: Leslie McCluskie. Reserves.- Wendy Leathers, Elizabeth Eagles


    We were indeed fortunate in the Netball tournament, having in our senior team five players from the school 1st VII, and two from the 2nd VII. In consequence our seniors, as expected, won all their matches in .fine style.

    The Juniors, on account of exams, had little chance for practice, but their spirited play brought them two wins out of the three matches.





    Centre: Linda Knapp (Capt.) Vicky Mackenzie
    Centre Attack: Robina Halford Jennifer Mackenzie
    Centre Defence: Jean Layton Carole Coombe
    Goalkeeper: Anne Pullen

    Kay Robertson

    Defence; Pamela Main

    Valerie Sanderson

     Shooter: Pauline Bentley Pamela Gard
    Attack. Janet Layton Leslie McCluskie


    1st White 10 points 55 goals

    2nd Stephenson 8 points 36 goals

    3rd Nelson 4 points  42 goals

    4th White 2 points 22 goals



    Two Tennis competitions were held, 18 matches in all, and, although making slight alterations to our team in the latter of these, we found it impossible to rise to Stephenson's superior play.

    1st Competition

    1st Couple: —Linda Knapp; Pamela Main

     2nd Couple: Jean Layton; Janet Layton

      3rd Couple:— Gillian McCarthy; Janice McCarthy


    Christine Strickland; Marianne Tottman. Results: —

    (1st) Stephenson; (2nd) White; (3rd) Nelson; (4th) Drake.

    2nd Competition

    1st Couple: — Linda Knapp (Capt.); Pamela Main

    2nd Couple:— Jean Layton; Janet Layton

    3rd Oouple: —

    Janice McCarthy; Marianne Tottman


    Gillian McCarthy; Robina Halford

    Results: —

    Same as first competition.


    In the first of the five shooting competitions our team most certainly did not shine — they were last. But, showing that determination we have come to associate with White House girls their shooting was so accurate in the second competition that we found ourselves at the top of the list and, needless to say,  there we remained during the rest of the competitions.

    6th year Linda Knapp Sheena Hinds (Wendy Cox)

    5th year Pauline Bentley  Jean Layton

    4th year Carole Westwood Maureen Swan

    3rd year Pamela Gard Susan McCarthy

    2nd year Pat Short  Jennifer Clarke

    1st year  Naida Clark  Gay Ewen (Carol Cheney)

    Final Results

    1st White

    2nd Nelson

    3rd Stephenson

    4th Drake

    LINDA KNAPP (Games Captain)  SHEENA HINDS (House Captain).


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